Hot Wheels Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Regular Edition 1/18 Dark Blue

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Detailed Specs

  • Diecast Manufacturer Hot Wheels
  • Scale 1/18
  • Car Brand Ferrari
  • Color Blue


Exploding onto the scene in 2012, the F12 was an instant runaway success. Described by Alonso as the best car he has ever driven, the perfectly tuned F10 gained 5 wins and 5 fastest laps for Ferrari in the Formula One season of 2012. With a driver, fuel, water and lubricant, the car still only weighs 620 kilograms. Combined with an 800 horsepower engine capable of a searing 18,000 RPM, the F12 was obviously a winning formula for one of the world's most gifted manufacturers.

This dark blue Hot Wheels diecast model 1/24 F12 Berlinetta is the perfect gift for any Formula One enthusiast or collector of diecast model Ferrari cars. - Doors, hood and trunk open
- Steerable wheels that roll
- High quality diecast metal
- Finely applied detail

As with all of our cars, this Hot Wheels diecast model Ferrari comes brand new, sealed in its original factory packaging in order to maintain its status as a mint condition collector's item.

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