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Hot Wheels 1/43 Elite Ferrari FXX #30 Schumacher

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Detailed Specs

  • Diecast Manufacturer Hot Wheels
  • Scale 1/43
  • Car Brand Ferrari


Ferrari's FXX model is a limited edition sports car that is known for its exceptional exterior design combine with impeccable racing performance. This two door vehicle was based on the Enzo model. Throughout its 2005 to 2007 production years, Ferrari made 30 units. 29 were sold while the 30th unit was kept by Ferrari S.p.A. and presented to Michael Schumacher. His FXX model is different from the other 29 units. It is available in black without a stripe. He also had his personal logo on the car's seats.

This Hot Wheels 1/43 Elite Ferrari FXX #30 Schumacher is a detailed miniature model of the Schumacher's Ferrari FXX model. This diecast car has the same black finish with decals smoothly applied on the body. Even its steering wheels, dashboard and car seats are like the Ferrari model.

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