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Hot Wheels is known for its staggering collection of diecast cars in different shapes and sizes. The Hot Wheels designers could well have worked on real cars with their intimate knowledge of anything with an engine and wheels, but instead they turned their attention to their now world famous toy cars.

The Hot Wheels Elite line showcases an entirely different approach; it consists of cars that have been painstakingly replicated for avid collectors who focus on realistic detail above all else. If you fall into this category of enthusiasts or just love the look and feel of a true quality diecast model, the Elite line was made for you. Licensed by Ferrari, Warner Brothers and Formula One, amongst other organizations, the brand showcases models which have been approved by the people who actually made the car in the first place, guaranteeing a great model every time.

To give you an idea about how special the Elite line is, it features rubber tires, working seatbelts and precisely modeled engines underneath opening hoods. The Elite team takes technical drawings of the cars and constantly checks in with the licensers to ensure 100% accuracy. It is this quest for perfection that brings our customers models like this 1/18 scale 2013 Ferrari model LaFerrari in red. As you can see for yourself, this diecast is a thing of beauty.

Hot Wheels 1/18 2013 Ferrari Elite LaFerrari Red

The real car was so exclusive that only 499 units were built. Similar to Lamborghini, the Ferrari production plant operates under the philosophy that fewer units should be supplied to always leave customers wanting more.

With a price tag of $1.6 million, the LaFerrari oozes style and luxury while hiding the fact that it is a savage beast on the road and track. This Hot Wheels Elite diecast car allows you to open the hood and trunk in the exact same way the original would, displaying the 6.3L V12 engine in the highest definition.

If you're a Batman fan who won't settle for anything less than the most precise replica, this 1/18 scale diecast model Batman Forever Batmobile from the Hot Wheels Elite line is an essential item for your collection. Since Elite models are exact replicas of the original vehicle you can be sure you're getting the real deal, which is important when building an authentic collection.


This is only for serious collectors of Batman collectibles and this becomes apparent when you look at the painstakingly replicated lines and angles of the vehicle, produced to exact spec from the movie car measurements, scaled down exactly 18 times. From the texture of the body to the coloring on the engine, you'll not find a single detail out of place on this Batmobile diecast.

For Formula One fans and collectors of famous racing vehicles, you need this 2013 Formula One racer, as driven by Fernando Alonso. The Ferrari F138 was driven by two-time world champion Alonso in 2013 as he racked up 242 points behind the wheel over the course of the season. The F138 is well known for threatening both Mercedes and Red Bull for the title and rocketing Alonso to second place in the overall results, taking first place in the Chinese and Spanish Grand Prix.

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This Hot Wheels Elite diecast model captures the raw speed of the F1 racer, with a scale replica of the ruthlessly powerful V8 engine as well as realistic tires modeled on the original Pirellis.

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