Hot Wheels 1/18: Our Favorites

As the world’s leading manufacturer of diecast model cars, Hot Wheels needs little in the way of an introduction. The brand is usually noted for its creatively re-imagined 1/64 scale cars but Hot Wheels can also make cars which are 100% faithful to the iconic originals and set in highly detailed 1/18 scale.

Not only does Hot Wheels do 1/18 scale models of popular movie cars, but also beautiful classic sports cars like this 410 Superamerica in red. The Superamerica was a car well ahead of its time for the 1950s and its platform was kept in production from 1951 to 1967, creating other cars similar including the iconic 340 America, the first in the line.

The 410 Superamerica can be seen as the big brother to the 340 - with at 5.0L engine and 355 horsepower, the 410 was as powerful as any car around for 1955 and gained a huge amount of prestige for its style and speed. At the time where luxury cars had given over to sports cars at the top end of the market, the 410 was retailing for over $16,000 or $140,000 in today's American dollars. If you’re an enthusiast of classic Ferrari cars, then look no further than this 1/18 scale Hot Wheels diecast model 410 Superamerica in red with fully functional doors, hood and trunk.


If modern Ferraris are more your thing and you love the exciting development process of a new supercar, then the FXX Evoluzione is for you. As an enthusiast it will be interesting to know that the FXX was the 30 unit prototype for today’s famous Enzo and paved the way for the firm to go on to create something amazing. The FXX is certainly amazing in its own right, however, with a 0-60 time of 2.44 seconds and an output of over 800 horsepower the FXX is not short of power. If you’re an avid enthusiast of Ferrari diecast models then don’t miss out on this gem.

It is produced to the highest standards of quality by Hot Wheels at 1/18 scale, meaning that every possible tiny detail is here for you to see up close. With the original limited to just 30 units it’s unlikely you’ll see the real thing up close, but you don’t have to settle for not owning a part of this historical concept car because of its rarity: add this blue Ferrari FXX Evoluzione to your collection of 1/18 scale sports cars and an important piece of the past is yours.


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