Ford Mustang Diecast: Best of the Best

It’s likely you’ve seen a Ford Mustang around town and there’s good reason for that. Old or new, the Mustang has truly stood the test of time and established itself as a symbol of freedom, self-expression and the American way of life.

Ford has been making the Mustang solidly since 1964; the car itself has seen major restyles but has always remained a groundbreaking, customizable classic with a powerful engine and a unique attitude.

Not only does it appear on the roads, but also on the big screen. Countless famous movies use the Mustang’s legacy and connections with power for classic race scenes. This particular Yat-Ming diecast muscle car was featured in 1968’s “Bullitt” starring Steve McQueen. Capture the energy of that movie with this Yat-Ming 1/43 scale diecast muscle car.

Yat-Ming Diecast Muscle Car Ford Bullitt

The 1968 Mustang, as well as being popularized in Bullitt, is a much sought-after model thanks to the availability of a 7.0L V8 engine that powered the car to speeds never seen before in a stock Mustang. As well as having an engine that was based on drag cars, the interior was redesigned to have the accessible and intuitive feeling of a racer, throwing out the standard designs of the past as a statement of the new overtaking the old and to cater for the changing taste of the public.

If you love the car chase from Bullitt as much as we do, we’re sure you’ll love this 1968 Yat-Ming diecast model Mustang muscle car, as driven by Steve McQueen.

The reason Ford is able to keep on making the Mustang for so long is that it was kept fresh, new and exciting all the while. As shown by the 2010 Mustang, the car has come a long way since the 1960s. It returned with a retro-futuristic style in 2005 and while it was modeled on the original car, it had a more robust body, more reliable engine and all of the luxuries that come with the modern age.


This Greenlight 1/18 scale diecast model in black has been executed with a supreme level of detail. Greenlight is an officially licensed manufacturer of Ford diecast models, acting under orders and with supervision from the Ford masterminds themselves.

This Mustang GT model has been approved by Ford staff that worked on the design of the real thing, proving the full authenticity of the diecast model muscle car. Pick up this fantastic replica and experience the raw power and luxury of the 2010 Ford Mustang GT in sleek metallic black.

Not just built for speed and fame, Mustangs are a basis for creative customization, as seen with their popularity among hot-rodders and car enthusiasts. This metallic red Jada Toys 1/24 scale diecast model Mustang comes equipped with hypermodern alloy rims, offset by the low side skirts and chunky, exaggerated lines. The powerful V8 engine is easily visible underneath the liftable hood, polished to perfection for your enjoyment. The modern leather bucket seats of this retrofitted car look sleek and classy but don’t detract from the raw aesthetics of this hot-rodded vehicle.


If you go crazy over the retro cool of custom cars, you’ll love this 1965 Mustang diecast model muscle car, especially since it manages to evoke the feeling of both the new and old generation Ford Mustangs.

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