Brand Spotlight: AUTOart Diecast

If you’re looking for the most prestigious diecast model cars, look no further than AUTOart. With the largest selection of 1/18 scale cars in the world, you’re sure to find something to fill a gap in your collection.

AUTOart’s models are crafted with precision, by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. One of the brand’s specialities is racing cars, both classic and modern. These high-quality diecast model cars are sure to be among the most impressive pieces in any collection.

Fans of raw speed will love this Koenigsegg Agera model, set in high quality diecast at 1/18 scale. It is an exact scale copy of the exclusive Swedish hypercar that gave many innovations to the world of performance vehicles. The Agera drives like a bullet, racing to 100 km/h in 3 seconds and up to its top speed of 435 km/h just 17 seconds later.

The Agera owes its high-tech nature to its lead designer and the CEO of Koenigsegg, Christian von Koenigsegg. Starting the brand at just 22 years of age, Koenigsegg had designed computer chips and innovative wood flooring before going on to patent turbo-chargers and relief suspension systems. This silvery gray Koenigsegg Agera is the cream of the crop when it comes to diecast models. It features opening doors, hood and trunk as well as wheels that roll and steer realistically.


The Bugatti Veyron is simply the most famous super car of this generation. It would be hard for the fastest street legal car in the world to stay out of the spotlight, and the Veyron is not a car for the shy. Named after the first driver to win Le Mans in a Bugatti, the Veyron carries on a rich tradition of the firm breaking records and being the best around.

This finely crafted AUTOart model we see here is an upgraded version of the Veyron, the newer Veyron Super Sport. This performance package added a massive 200 horsepower to an engine that was already in the 4-digit range. The advent of the Super Sport caught the attention of all those skeptics that were previously unimpressed and saw Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson hail the vehicle as the best car we will see in our lifetime, comparing its engineering prowess to that of the Concorde airplane.

This AUTOart diecast model is simply stunning. It allows for complete examination of the car, inside and out, and you can be sure that it is a faithful replica right down to the tone of metal on the engine, because AUTOart produces nothing but the highest quality cars.


While still part of the first “C1” generation of Corvettes, the 1962 models saw beautiful aesthetic upgrades and features that carried over onto the iconic Sting Ray, such as round taillights and the purring 327 small block V8. Available in tunings between 250 to 360 horsepower, the most performance-orientated stock Corvette from ‘62 broke the 1 hp per cubic inch barrier, making it the envy of rival firms.

This red 1/18 scale AUTOart model shows the car that marked the end of a golden age of American sports cars. Recapture the last year that the C1 was available as a tribute to the legacy of the year it all began, 1953.

AUTOart have done justice to this very special vehicle, with an identical paint job to the Chevrolet factory as well as an exact scale replica of the famous small block V8 under its brightly polished and expertly finished hood. Pay your respects to this historical car and build your Chevrolet collection with this fantastic diecast model 1962 Corvette from AUTOart.


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