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Welly has been producing quality diecast cars since 1980 and is still going strong with a wide range of vehicles on different scales for any size collection. While they also offer radio-controlled products and other toys, the impressive diecast models are what they are most known for – and it's no wonder when you see the lineup of incredible options available from Collectable Diecast. Here are just a few of the great Welly products available on our new site.


The first generation of Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) vehicles were manufactured from 1950-1967 and were quite popular, though their importation to the US slowed significantly after the implementation of the chicken tax in the early 1960s. An imported double cabin pickup, classified as a light truck, is now a rare site. The early T1 vehicles are recognizable by their split windshield design and used one of four B4 engine options – 1.1 L, 1.2 L, 1.5 L, 1.6 L.

This 1/38 scale model replica by Welly is both accurate and affordable. The Volkswagen T1 Double Cabin Pick Up is a hot commodity, with so few of the real thing existing nowadays in the United States. Add this uncommon vehicle to your collection in a beautiful red and white color scheme. 


With a name originating from its boxer engine and roadster qualities, the Porsche Boxster is a popular and memorable vehicle. The Boxster S, produced in the year 2000, was first given a 3.2 L 6-cylinder engine with 280 hp, and things have only gone up from there. Newer models now feature increased output of up to 310 hp, along with large front air intakes, redesigned interiors, twin diffusers, and improved head and tail lights. With top speeds of around 169, this convertible is quite a ride!

Welly has recreated the Porsche Boxster S Convertible on a 1/18 scale for everyone to enjoy. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you imagine taking a ride in this comfortable and classy vehicle. The yellow paint and attention to detail make this model an attractive option for collectors.


The 2006 Dodge Charger Daytona came with a limited edition package that contained many aesthetic modifications. A blacked out grille, rear spoiler, hood, and siding decals created a high contrast against the vibrant color options, while the tire pockets were painted in a subtle charcoal grey. The Daytona version of the R/T had 350 hp due to a better exhaust and air cleaning system, making it even more desirable.

This 1/24 scale model replica is painted in a vibrant copper color and comes full with the “HEMI” and “DAYTONA” decal cutouts on the hood and rear sides. This gorgeously sleek 2006 Dodge Charger Daytona R/T has been made with great care by Welly and is ready to add power and style to any collection.

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6 thoughts on “Best of Welly Diecast”

  • Chester Butler
    Chester Butler July 5, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    I am looking for a 1944 1/24 or 1/8 Scale model car and make or any Model. Can you help

  • Douglas Swafford
    Douglas Swafford July 6, 2016 at 8:39 pm

    I found one Ford Taurus police interceptor over a month ago and wondered if more are available

  • jim Amado

    I presume you are aware that civilian automobile production ceased in 1942, and resumed in 1946; no civilian vehicles were produced during World War II. Most 1946 vehicles were warmed over 1942s, so you will not find a scale model of a 1944 vehicle unless it was a military vehicle.

  • Kevin gage

    Can you guys get 46 Chrysler coupe diecast

  • Samuel Bailey
    Samuel Bailey July 20, 2016 at 5:41 am

    I'm a 71 yr old collector and still collecting. I would like to know if you have a cat loge that you could send me
    Thank You . Samuel Bailey....

  • Samuel Bailey
    Samuel Bailey July 20, 2016 at 5:44 am

    I'm a 71 yr old collector and still collecting. I would like to know if you have a cat loge that you could send me
    Thank You . Samuel Bailey.... My address is
    803 so. 3rd st.
    Yakima ,Wa, 98901

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