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Dating clear back to 1959, the Mini brand is still going strong today with a number of different modernized models available. These small economy cars have been highly sought-after since their inception, particularly in Britain, due to their compact but still comfortable size, which makes them perfect for driving on tight London roads. When the Mini was first introduced, it became so popular so quickly that many different models were created around the same time to focus on different markets and needs. Collectable Diecast has a number of these Mini Cooper models available for collectors, whether you're in search of an early classic or one of the more modern high-performance rally vehicles.


One of the earlier models was the Morris Mini Traveller, produced from 1961-1969. Though it is available along with the Countryman in both a Woody and all-steel style, the car is typically most recognizable by its decorative wooden inserts and large barn-style double doors in the rear. Desired for its consolidated design, this small economy car reached top speeds of only 75 mph with the Mk2 engine. Over 99,000 of these compact 2-door estate Travellers were manufactured, with only a few hundred still accounted for today.

While it may be extremely difficult to locate your very own Morris Mini Traveller, anyone can enjoy this classic vehicle as part of their collection thanks to the fine work of Kyosho. This beautiful red 1/18 scale replica has every detail in place, from the distinctive headlights and front grille to the carefully placed luxury wood inserts.


The speed and power of the Mini was increased drastically with the development of the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S as rally cars. First released in the 60s, these models were reintroduced in the 90s with improved safety features and performance. The modern day Cooper S Convertible has a 6-speed transmission and can reach top speeds of 143 mph. Though it only has 189 hp it can still reach 60 mph in just 6.7 seconds, and impressive speed for such a compact 4-seater. The top even has a 3-in-1 roof with a half-open setting for convenience and comfort during travel.

This gorgeous Mini Cooper S Convertible comes in a wide range of colors, but this 1/28 scale model by Kinsmart is a vibrant and eye-catching yellow, perfect for any collection in need of a bit of extra color and energy. Every detail has been recreated to perfection in this high-quality model.


While the Mini Cooper S Countryman quickly became one of the most popular Mini models, many critics complained about the larger, subcompact size, stating that it should no longer be counted as a Mini. This model was the first crossover Mini, manufactured wholly outside of the UK. A 5-door hatchback, the Cooper S Countryman has 187 hp from an I4 turbo engine and 192 lb ft of torque with an overboost and a distinctive retro style that is hard to miss.

From the unique sunroof to the classic styling, RMZ City has brought every detail of this vehicle to life  on a 1/36 scale. A vibrant blue paint job and a white roof make this car a subtle but colorful piece for any collector to add to their display.

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