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Over the years the military has used many different vehicles for many different purposes. Whether they need something to cross difficult terrain while carrying heavy loads or something efficient that can travel quickly, the varying vehicles of the military are all unique with modifications or paint jobs that set them apart from commercial vehicles. The camouflage and military green colors of these cars will add a bit of subtle color to your diecast model car collection, and the uniqueness of the bodies and styling can add just the right touch of class and sophistication to any display.

The Hummer trucks and SUVs that are so commonly seen on the roads today were actually inspired by the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, or the military Humvee. This impressive vehicle navigated the desert sand during the Persian Gulf War with grace and speed, showing the value of its design. While the military originally relied on Jeeps, the Hummer Military Humvee proved to be superior with its strength, durability, and on and off-road performance. Other features such as higher ground clearance and waterproof parts made the vehicle perfect for military use.

The Humvee has changed over the years, but it has always been an impressive high-powered machine. This camouflage Hummer Military Humvee diecast model from Maisto shows off the natural might of this vehicle and even includes a machine gun mounted on the roof. The features are replicated perfectly on a 1/18 scale and the detailed paint job will make this vehicle a unique part of any collection.


While Chrysler's Airflow vehicles may have not been commercially successful due to their styling, the concept behind the vehicle and its shape made it supremely unique. Chrysler engineers were intrigued with the idea of making an aerodynamic vehicle and after a lot of research they created the Airflow, which took a lot of inspiration from military planes and their “V” formations. The vehicle was made for durability as well as speed with safety glass, wheelbase weight distribution, roll resistance, and a steel monocoque chassis. The 1936 model was set apart from its predecessors with a smooth backside, lifeguard tires, and a pronounced grille.

Signature Models has replicated this vehicle on a 1/32 scale, perfectly embodying everything that made the 1936 Chrysler Airflow so special. The army green color with the military star on the door make this diecast model an interesting piece that would be perfect for balancing out any collection.


Ford's Model TT vehicle was based off the previous Model T, both models being designed for agricultural and industrial purposes. They were well-suited to customization, and the 1923 was among the earlier Model TTs that were sold as just a chassis with an engine but no body. The vehicles features made it uniquely suited for military use as well, with an accessory gearbox that that could hold intermediate gears, allowing it to traverse more vertical terrain such as hills. The Model TT had a wider wheelbase than the Model T, as well as a worm drive and crown wheel on the rear axle.

The 1923 Ford Model TT US Army Truck diecast model by Signature Models shows off the military version of this vehicle to perfection. Signature Models has replicated every detail at 1/32 scale for a impressive green diecast that any model car collector would be proud to add to their collection.


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