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The company McLaren Cars is perhaps best known for its collection of extremely high-performance production vehicles and racing sports cars, but the luxurious designs are what really catches the eye. With production going back to the company's foundation in 1963, McLaren Automotive has created a variety of impressive vehicles, with promises to continue expansion in the future. Collectable Diecast has quite an assortment of McLaren vehicles for fans of this incredible company, as well as diecast model collectors of all types.
The incredibly sleek and sexy look of the McLaren MP4-12C, or the McLaren 12C for short, is just a small part of what gives this car its current popularity. The modern exterior combined with impressive speed and power make this a highly sought-after supercar. The McLaren M838T twin-turbo 3.8 L V8 engine gives the McLaren 12C up to 443 lb ft of torque with around 592 hp, allowing this classy car to reach top speeds of up to 318 mph.
Just like the real 2014 McLaren MP4-12C, this beautiful replica by BBurago Diecast was made for lovers of both style and speed. The vibrant orange paint on this 1/24 scale model easily catches the eye, making it perfect for any collection in need of style, sophistication, and energy.
BBurago Diecast - 2014 McLaren MP4-12C 1/24 Orange
Following in line with the fantastic designs of typical McLaren cars is the sleek and streamlined McLaren F1. This 2-door coupe supercar has an incredibly modern and creative build with the driver's seat placed front and center to increase visibility and control. Reaching top speeds of 231 mph, the F1 is one of the fastest production vehicles in existence. The powerful 6.1 L V12 engine is seated comfortably inside the uniquely designed structure that has stayed consistent throughout the many years of production.
Only 106 McLaren F1 vehicles were produced between 1992-1999, which makes this blue metallic replica by Minichamps Diecast that much more desirable. Add this rare and extremely popular vehicle to your diecast model display on a 1/12 scale to show off your love for these beautiful McLaren vehicles.
1994 McLaren F1 Road Car 1/12 Blue Metallic - Minichamps Diecast
When two major names like Mercedes-Benz and McLaren come together, it's safe to assume something great is on its way such as the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren grand tourer. This aerodynamic vehicle has a 5.4 L supercharged M155 SLR V8 engine and 557 hp, along with unique technical features such as Sensotronic Brake Control and Touchshift control. Every aspect of the streamlined design, including the downforce increasing spoiler, is made to increase performance.
From the side vents to the front-mid mounted engine, every part of this vehicle has been replicated in intricate detail by NewRay on a 1/32 scale. This black diecast model with red-tinted rear lights will class up any collection, bringing a touch of McLaren and Mercedes-Benz alike.
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