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Lamborghini is synonymous with speed, luxury and exclusivity. The brand has been producing sports cars since 1963, each with more power than the last. The vintage Lamborghinis are extremely collectable and valued highly because they show the important roots of the brand we know today.

And modern Lamborghinis are snapped up quickly because there is nothing in the world like them and the demand exceeds the supply. This underproduction is a deliberate marketing strategy from Lamborghini who always makes sure the cars retain their mystique. Here are a few selections from our huge range of diecast Lamborghinis that you’ll want to check out.

Lamborghini cars are powered by huge engines and are often contestants for the fastest vehicles in the world. The Murcielago, named like many other cars after a Spanish fighting bull, was the firm’s flagship model between 2001 and 2010. In these nine years just over 4,000 were built, all with V12 engines ranging between 570 and 670 horsepower.


With scissor doors and a top height of just 4 feet above the ground the car has a hugely distinctive style that has gone on to influence the cars produced later. As time went on Lamborghini did all in its power to tease customers by not only under-supplying the cars but by producing editions limited to 50 or fewer units.

The result of this is a car with a legacy matching up to its amazing performance. If you weren’t able to pick up a Murcielago, Collectable Diecast has the next best thing. This 1/18 scale Maisto diecast Lamborghini Murcielago model in purple is a stunning replica that captures the build quality of the original and shows off the car with fine leather seats and a glossy paintjob.

The futuristic lines of the Lamborghini Countach make the car seem much more modern than it really is. The boxy, angular approach seems reminiscent of the 80s and 90s and is really something when seen on a car first built in 1974. A true icon of innovation, the Countach started off the Lamborghini trademark of scissor doors. The Countach also had square vents and parallel ridges since the car was made almost entirely of flat, angular panels.


The car’s lead designer, Marcello Gandini, was young and largely inexperienced at the time of the car’s inception. This meant he was free from any inhibitions to stick to a pre-determined style and allowed himself full creative license to design something that had been growing in his mind since he first designed the Lamborghini Miura eight years prior.

This 1/18 scale Kyosho diecast model Lamborghini Countach does justice to the design of the visionary, Gandini, and would be a striking part of any collection of diecast model Lamborghini cars, especially ones from the ‘70s.

As mentioned before, Lamborghinis have historically contested Bugatti for the title of fastest street-legal vehicle in the world. The car that came the closest to dethroning the Veyron was the Aventador, racing from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds, the car was just 0.2 seconds shy of being awarded the world record.

The Aventador was built to take over the flagship role from the slick Murcielago. The car has a bhp of 690 and a top speed of 230mph, making it faster by far than any model to have come before it. With a base price of almost $400,000 it is obviously one of the most luxurious vehicles available and extremely exclusive. In fact, Lamborghini only had enough manufacturing equipment to produce 4,000 Aventadors, so regardless of the demand the supply would always remain the same.

If you’ve missed out on an Aventador, then check out this BBurago 1/18 scale white diecast model. It could be just what you’re looking for to satisfy your craving for luxurious Italian supercars in your collection.

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