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Whether you need to haul something big or you just love the feeling of driving something so powerful, there’s nothing quite like driving a truck. Trucks, and in particular pickup trucks, really picked up popularity in the early 1900s thanks to larger companies like Ford and Chevrolet, but they have remained hugely popular for their look, feel, and useful carrying capacity. Everyone needs a good truck every now and then! At Collectable Diecast, we have many model trucks and SUVs available for every collector to enjoy. Get a glimpse of our wide selection here.

YAT-MING 1950 GMC PICKUP 1/43 BLUEThe 1950 GMC Pickup is often compared to the 1950 Chevy truck, though the GMC is bigger, stronger, and all-around more powerful than its cousin. The base model came standard with a 93 hp 228 3.6-cylinder engine, while a 115 hp 270 6-cylinder engine was the most powerful option available at the time. A 6-volt positive ground electrical system set this incredible vehicle apart, along with a bolted and welded cab to minimize noise while driving. A three-point suspension system also made for a much smoother ride.

The 1950 GMC Pickup can now be a part of your collection thanks to the masterful handiwork of Yat-Ming. This gorgeous classic truck is painted in an eye-catching blue color to make this piece really stand out. All the distinctive GMC features are also visible, including the recognizable tailgate, hubcaps, and grille.

MOTORMAX 1958 CHEVY APACHE FLEETSIDE PICKUP 1/24 ORANGEApache was the name for the light-duty trucks in the Chevy Task force. As part of the 50th anniversary of production, many changes were included in the 1958 Chevy Apache Fleetside Pickup. The hoods were flat in the middle, the front grille was wider, and quad headlights were featured prominently instead of the previous dual headlights. The Fleetside model had a 75 inch all-steel pickup box, a first for Chevy. A 3-speed transmission and 235 6-cylinder engine came standard, and air conditioning was also included standard for the first time.

The 1958 Chevy Apache Fleetside Pickup is a gorgeous truck perfect for any collection. MotorMax, as usual, has recreated this classic truck from top to bottom without missing any of the iconic features. With a bright but classy orange paint job, this model truck is a great option for any display in need of a bit of color and personality. Pay homage to General Motors, one of the biggest truck manufacturers in history, with this delightful and aesthetically attractive tribute.

MOTORMAX 1969 FORD F-100 PICKUP 1/24 GREEN“Works like a truck. Ride like a car.” This was Ford’s major selling point with the 1969 Ford F-100 Pickup. The ½ ton pickup truck featured  Twin-I-Beam suspension that made for a much smoother ride, and engine options up to a 390 V8 were available for greater hauling power. Other optional features included power steering, SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic transmission, and SelectAire conditioner.

MotorMax has replicated the 1969 Ford F-100 Pickup wonderfully from the new grill design for that year to the wider wheelbase. A darker green paint job really helps show off this truck’s outdoor exploring power, while also giving it a subtler look to fit in with just about any collection.

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