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True fans of diecast model cars know that accessories are just as important as the models themselves. Whether it’s a crystal clear display case for your finest model or replacement custom rims to give your favorite car an upgrade, accessories are what will set your collection aside from everyone else’s, making it distinguished and personal.

Not only do cases look great, they’re also practical. They keep your prized models from gathering dust and out of accidents by adding an extra layer of protection. Other accessories work great in dioramas as part of a wider setting, assisting you in telling whatever story you like and letting your imagination run free. Today we’re taking a look at a small selection of the accessories we have available here at Collectable Diecast.


This plastic display case for 1/24 scale cars is the perfect storage and display solution for you. It is a popular item in our store because of the perfectly clear distortion-free glass that allows you to see your 1/24 diecast with precise clarity. While listed as fitting one 1/24 scale model this case could easily fit two 1/43 scale models or four to five 1/64 scale models, giving you a lot of options for changing things around a bit later.

The display case is also stackable, so envisage creating a whole display made up of these cases, each showcasing a different part of your collection.

Mod your favorite 1/18 scale diecast models with these great looking replacement rims. Make your collection truly your own or act the mechanic in your auto shop diorama. Whether it’s a vintage classic or a modern car, these rims would look great anywhere!

The choice is yours when it comes to this product; there are six different full sets of rims included along with the necessary rotors and axles you’ll need to install them. Even if you’re not fitting them to a particular model right away they would also be good to display as part of a tune-up shop diorama – the complementing accessories are also available in-store, with Greenlight being a notable supplier of everything you’d need to start up.


Speaking of which, this 4-post lift is an essential item for any mechanics diorama. Hoist up your favorite 1/18 or 1/24 scale cars on this lift and get to work on anything that needs fixing! This can be used as a stand-alone item to give your collection a realistic edge or as part of a wider setting like described earlier.

Greenlight’s accessories are inspirational items that will give you great ideas for your next diecast project. Maybe you want to set up a full diorama display, spanning several shelves? It’s all right here at Collectible Diecast –we stock a huge range of accessories and, of course, the cars you need to go with them.


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4 thoughts on “Best of Diecast Accessories”

  • shane smith

    How much for the 6 pack of rims & 4 post hoist please & postage to Sydney Australia please . Regards Shane

  • Karl Mallen

    when will the 1:18 trailer have stock?

  • CollectableDiecast
    CollectableDiecast July 20, 2015 at 6:08 am

    Shane, you can see how much each product costs by clicking on the links within the post. Karl, not sure what product you're talking about, but I'm sure you can find what you're looking for somewhere on the site.

  • Arlene Rock

    I made an order for a 1955 Pontiac - I Love Lucy, I have tried to contact you concerning returning the item. I have called every few days for weeks and have not received a response. I am very upset that no one will return my calls. I feel my only recourse is to contact the Better Business Bureau. I hope someone will contact me immediately.

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