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If you love classic cartoons or diecast model cars, you'll love these unique offerings from Collectable Diecast. Reminisce about your favorite childhood shows and comics as you add these delightful cars to your collection. Whether you are looking for something sleek and speedy, a trip down memory lane, or something full of color and personality, these iconic cars from a few of the most popular classic cartoons of their time are sure to do the trick.

Go Speed Racer Go! Fans of the classic Speed Racer comics and movies are no strangers to the infamous Mach 5 vehicle. This easily recognizable vehicle was portrayed in the original 1967 series, but many changes were made throughout the years. In the 2008 film we see the newest version of the Mach 5, a regular vehicle that has been extremely modified by Pops Racer for use in races by Speed. In order to compete in the dangerous Casa Cristo 5000, where the car's previous owner and Speed's older brother Rex died, Pops adds features such as crampon tire spikes for the snow, auto jacks, a deflector, rotary saws, and more. This race is extremely competitive with plenty of dirty fighting, so the tire shields and emergency spare tires are a must.

This 1/64 scale model of the Speed Racer Mach 5 by Ertl is a beautiful replication of this winning race vehicle. This model also includes the signature M on the hood, which stands for Mach 5 in the American version of the show and Mifune, the surname of the Racer family, in the Japanese version. Fans of Speed Racer, cartoons, racing, and cars will all love this high-quality diecast model car with real rubber tires and a phenomenal paint job sure to stand out in any collection.


Where would any crew be without their trusty vehicle? The Mystery Machine is more than just a mode of transportation for Shaggy, Scooby-Doo, and the rest of the gang - it's a veritable Mary Poppins bag full of equipment and tools! This highly adaptable vehicle has a very retro '60s vibe, complete with psychedelic green paint, orange flowers, a spare tire on the front, and colorful hubcaps. This versatile van got the crew out of many sticky situations and could fit ladders, tables, chairs, computer equipment, cabinets, and more inside.

This 1/50 scale diecast model of the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine by Hot Wheels is a must have for model car collectors and Scooby-Doo fans alike. The Mystery Machine is almost as popular as Scooby and the gang themselves! This model Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Toy also comes with mini figures of Shaggy and Scooby-Doo to complete your display.


Fans of the prehistoric cartoon The Flintstones are sure to recognize the famous Flintmobile, a pre-industrial vehicle for the Stone Age working-class. This interesting invention has zero horsepower and no engine, being powered solely by the feet of the passengers. When your driving speed depends on how fast you can move your legs, carpooling to work suddenly becomes a much more attractive option! These long-extinct vehicles were made with wooded frames, stone wheels, animal skin canopies, and the occasional exasperated bird as a car horn.

This iconic car has been recreated by Hot Wheels on a 1/50 scale, a perfect fit for any diecast model car collection. Complete with mini figures of Fred and Barney, the Flintstone Flintmobile is certainly a unique addition that will show off your love for this '60s cartoon and jazz up your collection. Add a bit of Bedrock fun with this extremely inventive car.


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