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80s television was full of new action-packed, exciting shows. Shows like Knight Rider, Miami Vice, and The A-Team not only entertained the public, but set many trends in music, fashion, and most especially cars. Even today some of the iconic cars of these 80s TV shows are on display at auto shows and shops, and some replicas even have their own websites. Fans of 80s television will love these intricate replicas that will add a bit of cult classic flair to any collection.

“I suppose, we should at least be cordial. My name is KITT, originally designed with Series 2000 circuitry.” One of the most beloved cars from the 80s was KITT, the Knight Industries Two Thousand. With 1000 megabits of memory and a one nanosecond access time, this self-aware computer car was intelligence and attitude on wheels. This 1982 Pontiac Trans Am was equipped with Turbo Boost, body armor, weapons, an entertainment system complete with arcade games, and the ability to drive himself. His dry sense of humor and quirky personality made him an unforgettable character in this popular TV show.

While this 1/43 scale diecast model by Hot Wheels may not include voice projection or KITT's other fancy equipment such as his anamorphic equalizer or olfactory sensor, the design is flawless. Fans of Knight Rider will love this perfect replica of the cult classic in black. This 1982 Pontiac Trans Am KITT diecast model will feel like a missing friend once you've added him to your collection. “I'm still learning about the complexities of friendship, but I would be honored to count you as mine.


James “Sonny” Crockett and Rico Tubbs, two undercover cops in Miami working to bring down drug cartels and prostitution rings, needed to be on top of current fashion trends. The Miami Vice duo sported many hallmark dress features such as pastel colors, shiny fabric jackets, and even a constant five o'clock shadow. More impressive than Sonny and Rico, however, were the Ferrari automobiles. The 1986 Testarossas from season three onwards were authentic Ferrari vehicles donated to the show in an effort to keep them from producing and selling restyled replicas.

While these incredible Ferrari F512 M vehicles were originally metallic black, they were painted white in order to look better during filming of night scenes. This 1/64 scale diecast model by Hot Wheels is a beautiful replica from the boxy style to the square framed front lamps. The Miami Vice Ferrari F512 M is a great diecast model vehicle for any lover of the 80s and will look fantastic in any model car collection.


The A-Team van is an iconic vehicle from American 80s television. This van carried the 4-character team throughout all of their adventures after escaping prison and was a well-recognized staple in the show. The unique paint job made it a classic, with many fans buying similar GMC and Chevrolet Vandura vans to style in the same fashion with the red stripe on black and metallic gray paint, as well as the spoiler on the roof and black and red turbine mag wheels.

Though the vehicle did or didn't have a sunroof depending on the episode and the current stunt, it is included in this 1/43 scale diecast model by Hot Wheels. This 1983 GMC Vandura “A-Team Van” is a great addition to any 80s diecast model car collection. The car is painted in perfect detail, including mud splashes to show the action the van has seen throughout the years.


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  • Donald Horn

    Yes. I also think these are classic vehicles. But we also need to remember two wheeled vehicles, as well as our beloved flying machines. The best of the two wheeled vehicles, hands down , is Street Hawk. As far as the flying machines are concerned, are the two most awesome helicopters ever created. I am, of course, talking about Airwolf and Blue Thunder.

  • CollectableDiecast
    CollectableDiecast August 25, 2015 at 7:39 am

    Donald, we too have fond memories of Airwolf and Blue Thunder. Maybe we will stock diecast helicopters one day as well.

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