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Today we’re taking a look at some of our finest 1/64 scale diecast model cars. While small, these diecasts are incredibly sought-after and regularly amongst our bestsellers for avid collectors. Diecast manufacturers such as Greenlight, Jada and M2 Machines are well known for high quality models that stand out from the crowd.

This memorable car carrier will give your collection of movie cars a real edge. Loading up your Fast & Furious models onto the back will allow this truck to double as a display for your collection. What’s more, this carrier has been replicated with complete and utter precision to ensure even the most enthusiastic fan of the franchise will find it flawless.

The Peterbilt 387 would also make an excellent gift for someone who has a collection of 1/64 diecast model cars or someone looking to go into the world of collecting. The Peterbilt 387 was introduced in 1999, following in a long line of hardy and capable trucks that have been cruising the highway since the firm was born in 1939.

Jada Toys is a renowned diecast manufacturer and one of the leading makes in the world thanks to its continued expertise and high quality output of all scale cars. When you buy Jada models you can be sure you’re getting nothing but the best.

Jada 1:64 FAST & FURIOUS PETERBILT 387 Car Carrier

The classy 1/64 scale Chevy Bel Air comes in blue with eye-catching flames. Despite its size, its doors and hood open allowing you to examine the engine and interior in detail, both of which have been agonizingly recreated. Collectors will love the display case, stand and nameplate that this beautiful diecast car comes with. This extra inclusion is a stylish way to show off your prized 1/64 scale models.

The incredible Bel Air is a truly timeless car, introduced in 1950 and coming into its own in the 2nd generation of production where it was called “the hot one” by GM ad campaigns. In 1957 it received a great upgrade with the introduction of the now-legendary 283 small-block V8, an engine that made it popular with customers seeking luxury and power in equal measure.

The new V8 engine, named the “Super Turbo Fire V8,” was a rare addition to cars in 1957 making it very collectible in modern times. It could produce horsepower at a 1:1 cu:hp ratio - a big achievement for engine at the time that meant 283 horsepower came from the 283 cu engine. They don’t make them like they used to, so experience this chrome-tipped masterpiece from the M2 Machines Auto-thentics Wild Cards line.


This fantastic set would be great for your police dioramas. It does come with a street scene but you can always add these 1/64 police cars to your own diorama setting with the cool accessories we stock. Whether you’re acting out your favorite chase scene or patrolling the mean streets, this 5-piece Greenlight diorama set is perfect for you.

Greenlight is a brand with an excellent reputation, particularly for their diorama-friendly products. This set and many others are put together to demonstrate diorama ideas for the true diecast enthusiast. These 1/64 diecast model cop cars are part of Greenlight’s comprehensive Hot Pursuit line which shows off police cars from all different parts of America, including exact replicas of patrol cars from small counties and big cities alike.

These modern police cars are a mix of Ford Taurus and Dodge Pursuit models, two cars that make amazing police cars. The Dodge Pursuit is especially notable as it is a revived version of the Charger Pursuit, a tuned up and super-fast muscle car.

NYPD Diorama 1/64 5 Car Set - Diecast Police Cars - Greenlight Diecast

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