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Founded over 100 years ago in 1903, the Ford Motor Company has been producing quality cars for generations. Ford has a little bit of everything with automobiles of all kinds from sports cars to tow trucks. Collectable Diecast offers diecast models of many of these fine Ford vehicles, but here are a few of our favorites on a 1/43 scale. 

While the 1974 film Gone in 60 Seconds used a 1971 Mustang, the 2000 remake took a step back a few years in time and used a 1967 Mustang Fastback. The 1967 Mustang was painted a classy Dupont Pepper Grey and customized to resemble a Shelby GT500. This cinema car is equipped with a 5.8 liter V8 crate engine with 400 hp. Pumped fender flares, central-mounted driving lights, and unique frame properties are just some of the features of this classic car.

Greenlight has replicated this 1967 version of Eleanor as a Ford Mustang GT500E to perfection on a 1/43 scale. The shiny gray paint is accented with black stripes from the hood to the bumper. It's nearly impossible to get your hands on the real deal, but thanks to Greenlight you can enjoy this classic cinema car as part of your own collection.


The 1948 Ford Woody was the last of its kind, with Ford switching over to steel car bodies in 1949, and even beginning to release a wood-sided convertible partway through '48. With only around 6,000 cars made in 1948, it is extremely rare to find a model with all original wood as most have been restored and updated with steel. The original '48 Woody came with a flat V8 engine, a 6-volt system, and a 3-speed transmission, all impressive features at the time. This station wagon was surprisingly spacious, being able to fit up to 8 passengers in relative comfort.

While the original 1948 Ford Woody station wagon is hard to come by, Yat-Ming has made it possible to add an impressive 1/43 scale replica to your diecast model collection. Turquoise paint on the front and above the wheels stands out against the yellow paint and natural appearance of the siding. Serious collectors are sure to love this throw-back to a rare and beautiful classic car.


This model is actually two-fold, with an NYPD themed wrecker towing an NYPD Smart Car. The heavy-duty towing system on the wrecker makes it possible to tow cars of all sizes, from the included Smart Car to larger vans and even delivery trucks. The New York Police Department began using the Smart Cars for their fleet in 2015 to replace their outdated patrol scooters. The Smart Cars have greater maneuverability and are surprisingly cheaper, despite the upgrade to air conditioning and air bags.

While it may not sport the mini police light bars on top of the Smart Car, this Ford NYPD Wrecker Towing and NYPD Smart Car from New Ray comes complete with NYPD decals and blue and white paint. On a 1/43 scale, this set works great as part of a police themed display or city diorama.


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  • David Albert Mullins
    David Albert Mullins April 23, 2016 at 9:14 am

    I am trying to collect 1/24 diecast models of cars that I have owned. I have over 27 models that I have owned. Can I send my list to you to purchase these models. Examples, 52 MG TD, 67 427 tri powered Corvette, 69 Mustang, 57 Chevy, 55 Chevy, 69 Mercury Cougar, etc. Thanks for your help with this matter Dave Mullins

  • bill martin

    you people need to add something new as far as die cast cars & trucks okay thanks bill.

  • Josh Hurvitz

    When are you going to add a Tesla Model S to your inventory in size 1:32 or 1:23 preferred?

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