Best of 1/43 Ferrari Racing Diecast

Ferrari is well-known for its many sleek, powerful, and luxurious vehicles, but it is also lauded for its racing prowess. Ferrari is overall the most successful F1 racing team, with 15 winning drivers and 16 constructors championships under their belt so far. There have been many incredible racing models over the past few decades, but here are some of the best offered at Collectable Diecast on a 1/43 scale.

Racecar driver Kimi Räikkönen moved from Lotus to Ferrari in 2014, keeping with his popular #7 on his new, impressive racing vehicle. All of the Formula One racecars by Ferrari were made for speed, and the 2014 model had a powerful 1.6 L V6 turbocharged engine. A revised set of powerplant and rear wings as well as a flat body and nose design were among the notable changes for this model, while the pullrod front suspension carried over from previous designs. While 2014 became a new career-low for Räikkönen, things started to pick up as the next season began.

Every F1 Ferrari is a masterful feat of engineering, with each model sporting new and adjusted features to improve speed and performance. This F1 Ferrari F 2014 driven by Kimi Räikkönen is now available on a 1/43 scale for racing fans and collectors of incredible cars alike, thanks to Hot Wheels. The model comes complete with Räikkönen's paint work and sponsor decals for authenticity.


Jam-packed full of advanced features, the Ferrari FXX is a rare and rather pricey vehicle, with costs upwards of $2 million USD. Perhaps the most intruiging characteristic of this vehicle is that owners are only allowed to drive their vehicles on certain days at the track, which many suspect is to keep the technology a secret. With a 6.3 L V12 engine, 789 hp, and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in only 2.44 seconds, this vehicle is surely a joy to drive, even if it's only allowed occasionally. Of the 30 FXX vehicles made, the 30th was given to Michael Shumacher and was featured on the popular BBC show Top Gear.

This unique limited edition Elite Ferrari FFX #30 is available on a 1/43 scale from Hot Wheels. Those without millions of dollars to spend can still enjoy the sleek and sophisticated nature of this vehicle as part of their own collection. Schumacher's special model comes with number decals, but stands out by not having the white racing stripe seen on the other cars in the series.


After his last disappointing stint with Ferrari, racecar driver Jacky Ickx came back and took multiple victories in 1970, including the Grand Prix championship in Canada. His car, a 1970 Ferrari 312 B, had a Ferrari Type 621 5-speed manual transmission, but was perhaps most notable for its new Flat-12 engine. This mid-engine gave the car a lower center of gravity and made it more aerodynamic, allowing air to flow unrestricted under the rear wing.

Thanks to the detailed work from Hot Wheels, this Elite F1 Ferrari 312 #18 driven by Jacky Ickx, GP Canada winner in 1970, can be enjoyed on a 1/43 scale. A beautiful paint job is complete with sponsor decals from when it was driven to victory.


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