Best of 1/24 Scale Maisto Diecast

As part of the May Cheong Group that was founded in 1967, Maisto is a popular name in the diecast model car industry. The company prides themselves on not only their exacting quality and high standards for their products, but also their work environment and business practices. Their technology is designed to make the models feel and look as realistic as possible. In addition to automobiles, Maisto also has lines of motorcycles, aircrafts, radio-controlled vehicles, and more.

 While Maisto originally gained attention in the '90s with their 1/18 scale replicas, their smaller 1/24 scale models are now even more popular. There is a huge variety of models in this size, with cars anywhere from the practical Volkswagen Samba van to the classy Ford Mustang. Collectable Diecast has these vehicles and a lot more available for collectors of all tastes.

 MAISTO OUTLAWS 1/24 VW SAMBA VAN GREYAs part of the T1 Volkswagen vans, the Samba was arguably the most deluxe model of its generation. Like other similar 23 or 21-window vans, the Samba had eight panoramic windows in the roof, with the rest wrapping around the front, sides, and back of the vehicle. Unlike the other VW models, however, the Samba had unique pivot doors on the sides and a fabric Sunroof Deluxe. The Samba is a rare find nowadays, as the style was discontinued in later van models. Three rows of seats and a sun hat on the roof made this an ideal van for long road trips or sight-seeing adventures.

While the Samba typically made its appearance painted in 2 tones with white on the top half and another color on the bottom, this 1/24 scale model of the VW Samba Van comes in an attractive grey with just a hint of white on the roof. This is part of the Maisto Outlaws collection, and comes complete with flame decals that will add a touch of daring personality and flare to any collection.

MAISTO 1/24 2014 FORD MUSTANG STREET RACER GREY MODERN MUSCLEIn high contrast to the practical and large VW Samba is the 2014 Ford Mustang. This sleek pony car is a compact 2-door, making for a much more modern and luxurious ride. With both V6 and V8 engine options, the 2014 Mustang can get up to 420 hp and 390 lb ft of torque. It also gets decent mileage, with up to 25-26 mpg.

The unique styling of this 1/24 scale model makes this replica by Maisto a popular choice for collectors of sophisticated and attractive pony cars. The 2014 Ford Mustang Street Racer Modern Muscle comes in a subtle grey color with wheels in a complementary gold hue. The small red accents on the sides and unique look of the hood make this a great option for any display in need of extra style and class.

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