Best of 1/24 Porsche Diecast

Whether you're a diehard luxury sports car fan or a casual collector looking to add a touch of something special to your collection, each of these sleek, sophisticated vehicles gives off the air of power and elegance that Porsche is so well-known for. Collectable Diecast offers a variety of 1/24 Porsche models, including iconic racing models as well as some of Porsche's newer ventures into luxury and hybrid technology.

As one of the prime racing models designed by Porsche, the Porsche 911 and its many variations have won numerous championships and races including the 24 Hours of Daytona and the American Le Mans Series. The 997 GT3 RS, like many of the 911 variations, was a homologation model made specifically for racing sport. The 997 GT3 RS had a wider rear than the regular GT3, but was lighter weight because many parts were replaced with plastic, such as the engine cover and rear window. These changes lowered the top speed of the vehicle but increased the drag and improved the directional stability.

Welly has once again hit the mark with this Porsche 911 GT3 RS (997) replication. The 1/24 scale diecast model is painted black with unique orange highlights. The subtle touch of color and the impressive spoiler will make sure this car holds its own in any collection or display.


In an effort to broaden their horizons, Porsche released the Panamera, a 4-door, full-size luxury vehicle weighing almost 4,000 pounds. While the design and appearance was similar to the 911, the engine was mounted in the front and the interior was packed with comfort and technology. With the exception of the Turbo, the Panamera S was one of the faster Panamera models with top speeds of up to 177 mph. Debuting in 2009 with a V8 engine as one of the first Panamera models, the Panamera S was an inspiration to the variations which followed.

While Porsche purists may have had a hard time accepting the changes present in the Porsche Panamera S, it's hard to resist the elegant look and sleek style embodied in this Porsche model. Welly has captured the essence of the brand perfectly in this 1/24 scale diecast model in white, perfect for tying any collection together.


The Porsche 918 RSR is the coupe version of the 918 Spyder, a 2-door roadster. With a powerful V8 engine along with a flywheel accumulator KERS system used to power the two electric motors, the 918 RSR has a whopping 767 hp. Each electric motor provides 102 hp with the V8 taking care of the rest. Unveiled in 2011 at the American International Auto Show, the RSR is an impressive specimen combining elements from the Spyder, such as styling and a 6-speed gearbox, and hybrid technology from the 997 GT3 R Hybrid, which was one of the many variants of the Porsche 911.

While the Porsche 918 is a limited edition vehicle that costs upwards of $850,000, the diecast model by Welly is much more affordable for those who want to enjoy the Porsche 918 RSR but don't have the funds to spend on the real thing. In 1/24 scale, the car is painted silver with orange stripes, a unique paint job for a unique vehicle.


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  • Derek Belbin

    These Welly 1/24 models of the Porsche 918 RSR,the Panamera S and the Porsche 997 GT3 RS are just about the most perfectly crafted 1/24 diecast models that I have seen,the meticulous attention to the most minute details is seldom seen in models in the 1/24 scale.These are a must for fans of the Porsche marque.

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