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The elegant grills, detailed interiors, and unique framework - there's nothing quite like a classic car to spice up your diecast model car collection. Whether you're looking for a boxy style or something with a bright, eye-catching look to round off your display, you'll find what you're looking for with a vintage Ford or Chevy from MotorMax. These intricate models from the 40s, 50s, and 60s are a throwback to the time of rock and roll, when the country was still celebrating the beginning of America's Golden Age.

The 1969 Ford F-100 Pickup was one in a long line of outstanding full-size pickup trucks in the Ford F-Series. With interchangeable Twin I Beam independent suspension components, the 1969 Ford F-100 was unique from its fifth-generation counterparts. This new version of the F-series pickup featured two front axles to share the load, increased greenhouse glasses, more engine options, and greater dimensions. The car also included a Flex-o-Matic feature that would automatically adjust the spring stiffness for the load in the truck bed.

The 1/24 scale diecast model of the 1969 Ford F-100 Pickup by MotorMax is an excellent option for your collection. The details are replicated beautifully, showing off the engine and the interior styling. The attractive exterior is a sleek black, making this a very sophisticated pickup truck option.


The 1949 Ford Woody was a breakthrough automobile for both Ford and America. This station wagon came out shortly after the end of World War II and was the first major all-new design for an all-new country. Features previously unseen in Ford vehicles were now included after the death of Henry Ford, and the new cars were modernized with open drive line, coil spring independent front suspension, and integrated fenders. This new streamlined design still included the classic Ford look, however, incorporating heat-bonded plywood to the body with techniques learned during the war.

This classic 1949 Ford Woody station wagon was the saving grace of the Ford company, which had to stop production in America during the war. The 1/24 scale diecast model by MotorMax is a fitting tribute to the product of a new age, with accurately depicted wooden framework and beautiful beige and mahogany wood styling. Whether you want to reminisce or just add a bit of classic style to your collection, the beige MotorMax 1949 Ford Woody diecast model is a great choice.


The light blue color of the 1958 Chevy Apache Fleetside Pickup stands out, making it the perfect option to brighten up your collection. The 1958 model of the classic Chevy Task Ford Series was the first to feature dual headlights with parking lights in the grille, an all-steel fleetside bed, and air conditioning. The hood shares similar qualities with previous models but is flat in the middle, which along with the batwing fins gives it a very distinct look.

This intricate replica of the sought-after 1958 Chevy Apache Fleetside Pickup by MotorMax includes the stylish design and framework that the car was known for, as well as the unique truck bed and engine. The 1/24 scale diecast model is a perfect depiction of the best features from the 1958 Chevy Apache, including classic white wall tires and a new grille design.


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