Best of 1/24 Dodge Diecast

Throughout the years and through many ups and downs, Chrysler Dodge has always provided us with impressive and attractive vehicles. Whether you're looking for a sports vehicle, muscle car, high-performance vehicle, or something classic to add to your diecast model car collection, Dodge has you covered. Their history of cars has something for every type of car lover. From sedans to caravans, Dodge has been providing cars for families, speed-demons, and more for generations, as seen with the following 1/24 models.

Since 1991, the Dodge Viper has been the ultimate Chrysler sports car. With 75 percent of the vehicle being made from American parts, the Viper is one of the top ten “Most American Cars” in the world. This impressive car has been in production for almost 15 years, with five generations and many variants. Each model has a similar sleek vibe that exudes class, while still being a functional racing car with incredible processing power and speed. This 2-seat convertible car has all the newest features including track mode, stability and traction control, and a built-in stoplight timer.

If you're looking for something with speed and style for your diecast model car collection, the Silver Dodge Viper is the way to go. This 1/24 scale replica by Maisto shows off the powerful V10 engine, as well as the chic body style and sophisticated rims and interior. The Dodge Viper is a great model to add a bit of a modern touch to your display.


The 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona was a special, limited-edition Charger made specifically to win races. This vehicle competed in many races, including the Talladega 500, and won 6 within 2 years. The vehicle had a 23-inch wing on the back to stabilize the car at top speeds, as well as window caps, a nose cone, and a 440 CID Magnum engine that were all designed for power and speed. This vehicle was the very first to go over 200 mph, and was so fast that it was banned from NASCAR races along with other Aero cars from Ford, Mercury, and Plymouth.

This 1/24 scale diecast model replica by Jada Toys comes in metallic red, making it the perfect car to add to your collection for a bit of flair and personality. This impressive model is a completely accurate representation of the original “Winged Warrior,” and will have you feeling like you're back at the races. Put a touch of classic and striking style into your collection with the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona.


The 1982 Dodge Aires K, along with the Reliant K, marked an important change for the Chrysler company. After receiving a government bailout a few years prior, the company responded to the American demand for affordable, family-sized cars with the 6-passenger Aires K. Even with so much advertised passenger space, the vehicles were still classified as mid-size by the EPA. The 1982 model featured a Chrysler Pentastar hood ornament, as well as a Pentastar trunk medallion. The vehicle had a 2.2L engine with a black valve cover, a counterbalanced hood, and rear windows that could roll down, as opposed to the stationary windows of the earlier Aires K models.

The MotorMax 1982 Dodge Aries K diecast model is a great piece to show off your American spirit and put a bit of classic Dodge style into your collection. This 1/24 scale white model is a perfect replica of the original compact 4-door Aries coupé. Many improvements were made to the K series as time went on, but the 1982 Dodge Aries K marked a vital turning point in the history of one of the top 3 major car manufacturers in the United States, and would be a great way to add a bit of history to your display.


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6 thoughts on “Best of 1/24 Dodge Diecast”

  • mike

    would love to find a 1/18th 1965 thunderbird convertible. no maisto,motormax,burago or jada but cheaper than danburys 250 dollar car. thanks

  • Derek Belbin

    I'd like to see 1/24 and larger models of the long wheelbase Dodge,DeSoto,Chrysler Imperial sedans and limousines from the late '40s and early to mid '50s. These cars were often used as taxis because of their capability of carrying up to 9 passengers and their cavernous trunks and large roof racks.These cars were really stately looking and when you saw one drive by,you had to watch it until it disappeared from your field of view.Any diecast model of these beauties would really have to have all doors able to open so that it would be easy to see the entire seating area.

  • keith gammon

    i would like to see a 1968 dodge super bee

  • Alex Rotharmel
    Alex Rotharmel August 1, 2015 at 6:40 am

    I would love to see some new 1/24th 1960;s MOPARS. I would like a 1964 Polara 500 hardtop, a 1965 Dodge Dart GT hardtop, mabe even the DartCharger model. Some others are the 1962 Dodge Dart, and the 1963 Plymouth. these are some great cars, many have never even seen these great old powerfull cars. Thanks, Alex

  • Ed Sabecky

    When are the Hellcats (Challenger & Charger) going to be available in 1/24? Put me down for one each IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

  • CollectableDiecast
    CollectableDiecast August 25, 2015 at 6:40 am

    Mike, Derek, Keith, Alex and Ed, please forward your requests to customer service. We'd love to see all these models as well but it's up to the manufacturer to produce them.

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