Best of 1/24 BMW Diecast

“Designed for Driving Pleasure” is what BMW claims of their vehicles, and many auto-lovers would agree. The smooth dynamics are just the icing on the cake while the design is the real focus as BMW prides itself on its sleek, sheer, and smooth design. A recent campaign called the BMW a “fasterpiece” and “aerodynamite,” accentuating the careful combination of performance and aesthetics. Collectable Diecast has many of these remarkable BMW vehicles available in 1/24 scale for car lovers of all kinds to enjoy.

The BMW 535i has been wowing the automobile industry since its production in 2004. It is the first 5-series to use a turbocharged petrol engine, giving it up to 325 hp. Differing from previous generations, the 5-series features many advanced features such as Active Cruise Control, iDrive, Active Roll Stabilization, and more. The design is both longer and wider, giving the car a distinct exterior look. Other adjustments made the interior smoother to appeal to BMW fans.
This 1/24 scale diecast model by Welly shows off the BMW 535i's beautiful exterior in a deep blue, giving it a very regal look that would blend well with any collection. The interior and engine were made with painstaking detail along with the rest of the car, ensuring that every last piece of this mid-size luxury vehicle is in the right place.
As an extremely successful touring vehicle, the BMW M3 has earned its place in the hearts of automobile fans. The M3 is constantly being improved, and the 2008 model was no exception with a 7-speed gearbox that helped the car go from 0 to 60 mph 0.2 seconds faster than before. With similar performance to the saloon model, the coupe was a powerful predecessor to the M3 convertible. The coupe was both smaller and lighter than the other M3 models, making it a sleek and fast high-performance option.
The 2008 BMW M3 Coupe has been recreated to perfection in a stunning black. This 1/24 scale diecast model by New Ray is a great option for your display with a shine and sophistication that will stand out from the rest.
An award-winning compact executive car, the 3-series is BMW's best-selling model. The touring body style was added to the mix in 1986, 11 years after the series was originally put into production. Top of the line models are equipped with newer turbocharged four-cylinder engines and an inline-six power-train. This 5-door touring vehicle has rear-wheel drive with a front engine, which has caused a bit of controversy with critics saying that the rear-wheel drive may change the ballast weight and give the 3-series an advantage in racing. Regardless of the incurred penalties, it is still a remarkable vehicle that has won numerous awards and outranked many competitors.
This impressive sports wagon is available for you to add to your own collection on a 1/24 scale. Bburago, as always, has recreated the real thing in incredible detail, making this diecast model of the BMW 3 Series Touring vehicle something any collector would be proud to display.
Bburago BMW 3 Series Touring 1/24 Grey
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