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Whether you're a diehard Audi fan or a lover of all things automobile, you are sure to appreciate the sleek and sophisticated beauty of the many models and variations of Audi vehicles. With a number of powerful sports vehicles under their belt, Audi has branched out in recent years into other classes of cars as well. From full-size SUVs to compact executive cars, the biggest thing all Audi models have in common is their unique design and spectacular exterior. The extravagantly eye-catching designs ensure that Audi lovers aren't the only ones who will appreciate these beautiful 1/24 model cars available from Collectable Diecast.

Designed to GT3 regulations, the Audi R8 LMS is a sleek racing car built specifically for the FIA GT3 European Championships. The vehicle lacked the signature Audi four-wheel drive engine due to GT3 standards, instead featuring rear-wheel drive and a 6-speed sequential transmission. The R8 LMS also has up to an incredible 562 bhp and 369 lb ft of torque. Weighing around 2,800 lbs, this 2-door super car is one of the lighter R8 models, perfect for racing.

The Audi R8 LMS is one of the more unique Audi models due to its racing design, and RaStar has recreated every detail perfectly on a 1/24 scale. Silver paint gives the model a beautiful subtlety perfect for any diecast model collection, while the impressive spoiler shows that this vehicle was made for racing.

RaStar Audi R8 LMS 1/24 Silver

As a full-size luxury crossover SUV, the Audi Q7 was designed with Audi's typical sleek body and quite a bit more room for passengers, making this a great option for families who still want to travel in style. The Q7 was designed mainly for on-road drives, but it still does well in minor off-road circumstances due to its impressive four-wheel drive system, adaptive air suspension, and a central locking differential. With a V12 TDI diesel engine and up to nearly 500 hp, the Audi Q7 is not only a powerful machine, but has a 5-star safety rating that makes this vehicle a great choice for families.

Welly, as always, has replicated the Audi Q7 in style on a 1/24 scale. White paint and a well-made interior make this diecast model a beautiful option for any collection, especially one featuring Audi's many unique vehicles.


The Audi RS4, manufactured wholly by Audi subsidiary quattro GmbH, is one of the highest performing Audi A4 racing sports vehicles. A front engine and four-wheel drive system are combined with the latest technology, making the RS models among the top-tier halo vehicles. The RS vehicles have more of an emphasis on speed and performance than luxury, unlike the previous S models. Some vehicles were made with adjustable front seats and power windows, while others only had power windows in the back. All RS vehicles had a sparse interior with lightweight racing-style front seats.

Back by popular demand, the Audi RS4 is once again on the market as of 2012. While these sophisticated compact executive cars can be rather pricey, Bburago has created a 1/24 model that is perfect for those wishing to enjoy the RS4 without putting a major dent in their pocketbook. With striking red paint and unique design features, the Audi RS4 model will be a spectacular addition to your display.

Bburago Audi RS4 1/24 Red

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