Best of 1/18 Police Cars

When you see a police car, you may think of safety and protection, but with Maisto diecast police cars, you'll be thinking of speed and style. Throughout the years there have been many different kinds of police cars, from the often seen patrol cars to the sleeker response cars and heavy-duty sports utility vehicles. Here at Collectable Diecast you will find the best police cars for your diecast collection, whether you're into muscle cars with incredible style or comfortable yet sophisticated vintage vehicles.


With the Maisto 2015 Ford Mustang diecast model, you'll be able to satisfy your need for modern features like increased horsepower while still enjoying throwbacks to attractive designs from the 60s such as angular grilles, wide rim alloys, and pony car style. These elegant new vehicles are a powerful contender in Ford's re-visioned muscle car collection, and will be the perfect addition to your diecasts.

The culmination of 50 years of quality vehicles, these newest Ford Mustang police cars are built with the finest features and a state of the art system. This 1/18 scale model of the redesigned black and white police cruiser is a masterpiece of craftsmanship that you will be proud to display.

One of the first Ford brands to incorporate hydraulic brakes, the 1939 Ford Deluxe is an offering for seekers of mix of classic style and opulent luxury. The unique frontal style featuring v-shaped grills with vertical bars and a new sleek design gave the 1939 model an instantly recognizable look.

This “Tudor,” or two-door sedan Ford Deluxe police vehicle was the pinnacle of its day. The 1/18 scale Maisto diecast model boasts a detailed L-head 221-cid V-8 standard engine with an expanded frontal radiator for improved cooling. This exquisitely crafted Deluxe would be the perfect start to your diecast police car collection.


The Jeep Rescue is the ultimate in full-size SUV police vehicles. With 3 rows of seating, this heavy-duty SWAT car can carry up to 7 passengers. A 300 horsepower engine with 600 pound-feet of torque on tap makes this rescue vehicle great for all kinds of off-road terrain. All this power is carried on 37-inch tires on a 123-inch wheelbase with an 80-inch wide chassis.

Full of modern features such as twin winches, white LED lights for long-distance searches, and a digital video recorder, the Jeep Rescue is an innovative vehicle with futuristic rescue capabilities. Fulfill your need for this powerful SWAT SUV with an accurate and detailed Maisto diecast model. This 1/18 scale model by Maisto shows off the elegant grace that this powerful vehicle contains and will be one of your favorites.


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2 thoughts on “Best of 1/18 Police Cars”

  • fred

    Do the doors, hood and trunk open on these cars? Are there any removable parts? Thank you, Fred

  • CollectableDiecast
    CollectableDiecast July 20, 2015 at 7:29 am

    Hi Fred, unless listed in the description, the doors, hood and trunk do not open. For reference, most 1/18 cars have these openable features.

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