Best of 1/18 MotorMax Diecast

For the last 20 years, MotorMax has been making high-quality collectible diecast models in all sizes. Their vertically-integrated production system ensures that only the best products are made for collectors to enjoy. Collectable Diecast has many of the officially licensed and intricately detailed models from MotorMax available, and here are a few of the best on a 1/18 scale to enjoy.

Power windows, a chrome-plated Riviera trim, and a large two-piece windshield were just a few of the changes made to the Buick Roadmaster in 1949. This major post-war restyling included many new features, but perhaps the most unique were the plugged VentiPorts, which gave the car a fighter plane feel. 150 hp and top speeds of up to 110 mph, along with a popular convertible option joined in making this quite an attractive classic car.

Thanks to the incredible skill and care of MotorMax, this charismatic vehicle can now be a part of your collection. On a 1/18 scale, this 1949 CC Buick Roadmaster in Red Black E10-4 color is sure to make a great addition to any display.


The Pagani Zonda F was a rich combination of luxury, style, and personality. A 12-cylinder Mercedes-AMG 12 engine was housed inside a unique body style that was dedicated to Juan Manuel Fangio, a world champion racecar driver with a passion for fabulous cars. This powerful supercar had an output of up to 650 hp, which necessitated a stronger windscreen along with other strengthening techniques used in race cars, such as billet alloy brace connections.

The Pagani Zonda F has numerous times been listed as one of the world's most expensive cars, but those who don't have almost $1 million to spend on a luxury vehicle can still enjoy this gorgeous car thanks to the clever work of MotorMax. They have replicated this beauty on a 1/18 scale with orange paint for car lovers on any budget to enjoy.


Named after a fighting bull breed, the Gallardo quickly became Lamborghini's best-selling vehicle model. The Superleggera was a lighter model of the Gallardo, with carbon fibre panels on the engine cover, interior door panels, rear diffuser, and more. With a 6-speed E-Gear transmission and up to 523 hp, this vehicle was a powerful machine. The style was very sleek and simple, making this a sexy option for lovers of gorgeous supercars. 

MotorMax has recreated the popular Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera on a 1/18 scale. The sophisticated grey finish is perfect for a collection of polished sports cars or subtle beauties. Car lovers of all kinds can enjoy this accurate and highly-detailed replica.


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3 thoughts on “Best of 1/18 MotorMax Diecast”

  • Ben W

    Welly Willys 1/4 Ton US Army Jeep 1/18 Green I am very disappointed in the star on the hood being crooked. Even on the website they show crooked.

  • Jack Duncan

    I am looking for a die-cast #98 Parnelli Jones Offy Indy Race car from the 1960's era ! It was purchased from the Indianapolis speedway. It had a turnable front steering wheel and rubber tires. I am not sure if it was 1/18 or 1/24 scale ? I just remember it was very heavy car model . Please contact be if you know where I can get one as mine was solden years ago ! Thank you ! Jack Duncan

  • Tom Ferguson

    Require 1/8 scale Diecast model of
    1961 Chevrolet Convertible or Chevrolet Impala Bubble Top 2 door.
    Prefer black w. Red / White interior. Or, and color variant of the same.

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