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Since 1990, Minichamps has been producing high quality diecast models in Aachen, Germany. Many of the production steps in the model creation process are done by hand to ensure the best results, which is why Minichamps models are so sought-after. Collectable Diecast has a wide array of Minichamps diecast available for collectors and car lovers of all interests. Here are just a few of our favorites on a 1/18 scale.

The Porsche 911 GT2 was the new and improved version of the Porsche 911 Turbo, with a lighter weight, engine upgrades, and larger brakes. Because of these improvements and a stiffer suspension calibration, the 911 was also the priciest of the Porsche line. The Porsche 911 997 II GT2 RS was the latest GT2 model, announced in 2010. 516 lb ft of torque and 612 hp helped this model achieve an impressive top speed of 215 mph with acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in only about 2.8 seconds.

This incredibly speedy vehicle also has an impressive and unique design, which you can see reflected in this 1/18 scale diecast model by Minichamps. This 2011 Porsche 911 997 II GT2 RS model has a stunning red paint job with black rims, a black matte hood, and black badges. If you love speed, beauty, or the Porsche name, this Porsche model by Minichamps is a must.


Designed after World War II, the 1948 Land Rover was created in an effort to meet the post-war market needs. Luxury cars weren't in demand as much as the useful off-road features of the Land Rover. Used to carry heavy industrial equipment and drive agricultural machines, the Land Rover was popular for its versatility as well as the simplified design that came about because of rationed materials after the war. The Series I 1948 Land Rover featured a unique permanent four-wheel-drive system that was ideal for off-roading, with an 80-inch wheelbase and 1.6 L I4 engine.

While production of the Land Rover was only meant to last a few years, it became quite the sensation. Celebrate this unlikely vehicle that became a long-lasting series with this 1/18 scale model by Minichamps. Based on the 1948 Land Rover, this model even includes the military green paint that was used because of its surplus availability after the war.


The BMW Z1 is a rare and unique vehicle, with only 8,000 cars produced. Each of these 2-door compact luxury sports cars was built with left-hand drive and vertically retracting doors. Removable panels on the chassis made for easy mix-and-match color changes. The exterior could be fitted with any of six different colors, with four interior colors to complete the package. A flat undertray and turbulence decreasing rear valance made this vehicle quite aerodynamic, even though it only had 168 hp.

Almost all of the 8,000 BMW Z1 vehicles produced were sold in Germany, but now collectors all over the world can add this 1/18 scale model to their display. This 1991 BMW Z1 has been beautifully replicated with a blue exterior and black interior, perfect for those looking for something a little more rare and unique to add to their collection.

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