Best of 1/18 Ford Diecast

The Ford Motor Company has been in business since Henry Ford first founded it in 1903 in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Mostly known for luxury cars, Ford has also produced some high performance models as seen by our favorite 1/18 Ford diecast in this post.

The Ford GT40 was an endurance racing car from the 1960s made together by the American and British divisions of Ford to compete with Ferrari counterparts. That design for endurance paid off greatly with four wins in a row at Le Mans – two times in 1966, and one time each in 1967 and 1968. Overall only 107 of these models were ever produced, making this car one that is expensive and very rare.

Shelby Collectibles has captured the unique intensity of the GT series with this MK IV in yellow.


Now in its fifth generation, the 2015 Ford Mustang’s styling is equal parts 1960s muscle car and a retro-futurist dynamo. In addition to the sleek new bodywork, the engines of the car were upgraded quite a bit.

This 1/18 scale dark blue model from Maisto pays close attention to the intricate details of this muscle car. Each Maisto Ford diecast model is made only of the best materials to make sure the models are durable.

2015 Ford Mustang Diecast Car Blue

One of the most popular vintage cars in existence, the Ford 1932 Coupe is still sought after to this day. Known for its classy style and a simplistic approach to design, it offers something that simply states that it is unique. With the pointed hood, large grille, two doors and those wonderful rounded headlamps, it truly is a one of a kind vehicle.

This 1/18 diecast model by MotorMax replicates the 1932 Ford Coupe perfectly. The finish of the body is black with a black interior that compliments the overall look of this model.


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