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Founded in 1929, Ferrari has been synonymous with speed, class and luxury. Here at Collectable Diecast, we carry a wide variety of Ferrari diecast model cars, from the Formula 1 racers to the highly-coveted Hot Wheel Elite line. Here are a few we know you'll want to check out.

The 2013 Ferrari Elite LaFerrari is best known for its hybrid drivetrain built more for performance than efficiency. This amazing car can reach 60 mph in under 3 seconds and can be up to 120 mph in less than seven.

This Hot Wheels Elite 2013 Ferrari diecast model car in 1/18 scale may be the closest you will ever come to owning a Ferrari, but it surely is the next best thing. The detail and precision craftsmanship that Hot Wheels has put into this collectible is second to none. No doubt it will be one amongst your diecast car selection that you will want to showcase.

HW-BCT79-RED_-2 (1)

This F1 F138 Ferrari was at first known as the Ferrari F2013, and is sometimes called the Ferrari 664. It was produced especially for the 2013 F1 racing season, as driven by Felipe Massa.

This Hot Wheels Ferrari F1 F138 Felipe Massa diecast is a 1/18 scale model that you will not want to leave out of your Ferrari diecast car collection. You will never tire of looking over and appreciating the fine detail that Hot Wheels has put into this quality diecast model car.

Hot Wheels Ferrari F1 F138 Felipe Massa 1/18 Red

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta made its first appearance at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and was exemplary enough to earn the title of Supercar of the Year 2012 by Top Gear magazine.

This Hot Wheels Ferrari F12 Berlinetta diecast 1/18 scale in gray would make the ideal starter choice for your Ferrari diecast model car collection. There is no disappointment with the Hot Wheel brand of diecast model cars, as they are made from the best materials and feature exquisite craftsmanship.


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