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Like many of the bigger names in the world of diecast model car manufacturers, Yat-Ming is based in Hong Kong and has a long history of making quality products. Even their name means excellence, with Yat meaning “best” or “number one” in Chinese. The full name, Yat-Ming, is derived from a combination of this and the middle name of the founder, Mr. Wai Ming Lam.

Since its foundation in the early 1970s, Yat-Ming has been producing realistic and impressive models. While they originally started out as more of a toy making company creating muscle cars, transport trucks, and European sedans, they have since taken a more serious turn. Collectors will find that the company has made a change to even more realistic models for collectors to enjoy. Enjoy some of the incredible offerings of Yat-Ming available here at Collectable Diecast.

YAT-MING 1/43 1968 MUSTANG GT REDFirst introduced in 1964, the immediately popular Ford Mustang was already seeing important design changes from the get-go. The 1967-1968 model was larger than the original pony car model, with more cargo space and room for a 335 hp V8 engine. By 1968 the car had many new safety and comfort features, as well as C-Stripe graphics. The GT, or California Special Mustang, was already incredibly popular even before being seen in the film Bullitt released that same year. The GT Fastback became a highly coveted vehicle, and still is today.

This recreation by Yat-Ming is perfect for classic car lovers, showing off all the iconic features of the 1968 Mustang GT on a 1/43 scale. This Ford model comes complete with all the right design features from the chrome side ornaments and concave taillights to the popular fastback top.

YAT-MING 1962 1/43 VW MICROBUS POLICE GREENThe Volkswagen Type 2 Bus, also known as the microbus or Hippie wagon, was a highly versatile and extremely popular vehicle in the 1960s. It is still well-known today for its recognizable shape and features, like the split windshield developed to improve aerodynamics. The 1962 model falls into the T1b generation, with a smaller engine bay and extended roofline. The VW Microbus came in an incredible variety of models for just about any profession, from hearses to fire engines, and even police vehicles.

This 1962 VW Microbus Police vehicle from Yat-Ming shows off the polizei van features, including the police light on the roof. In an attractive deep green, this 1/43 scale model is perfect for collections of classic converted vans and other vehicles.

YAT-MING 1950 GMC PICK UP TRUCK 1/18 WHITEA 2-piece windshield, fully integrated headlamps, and factory fog lights were just a few of the unique design features on the classic 1950 GMC pickup truck. This 6-cylinder 2-door truck was based off the Chevrolet Advance-Design Series, and was rebranded for sale at various GMC locations. Telescopic shock absorbers were also added for the 1950 year. Developed in the post WWII age, this pickup was designed for strength and durability, perfect for consumer needs.

Yat-Ming's 1/18 model replica of the 1950 GMC Pick Up Truck shows off the clean, sleek redesign the vehicle is known for. The white paint job accentuates all the smooth design features perfectly and makes this a great option for collectors of classic cars, task force vehicles, GMC rebrands, and more.

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