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MotorMax is one of the most recognizable names in the model car industry, though it is actually part of a larger group of six companies. Founded in 1997, they have been producing quality diecast car replicas for nearly 20 years. In addition to an offering of 500 different diecast model cars, MotorMax also produces plastic replicas, model kits, and toy playsets. To ensure that all their products are the best possible quality, each step of the vertically-integrated production process at their four production plants is carefully monitored.

With a mission of producing affordable but high-quality toys all over the world, MotorMax's group sells products under multiple brand names, but always with the same quality standards. Their production plants in China employ around 3,500 workers in a cumulative area of about 1,600,000 square feet. Their experience, quality controls, and cost-effective techniques make MotorMax a wallet-friendly option for collectors everywhere. Collectable Diecast offers a wide range of the many MotorMax vehicles here

MOTORMAX 1956 FORD THUNDERBIRD OPEN CONVERTIBLE 1/24 ORANGEFor the first time in almost 20 years, Ford released a two-seat personal luxury car for drivers looking for comfort rather than focusing on speed and power. The Ford Thunderbird Convertible was produced from 1955-1957, with the 1956 having the fewest units produced. The spare tire was moved to the outside to free up more trunk space, and increased cabin ventilation and porthole windows were added to give drivers a safer, more comfortable experience. Those who desired more speed and power could include an optional 312 Y-block V8 engine that could get the car going up to 120 mph.

This uncommon classic car is now available on a 1/24 scale from MotorMax. With a light orange paint job, this open convertible stands out and shows off all its best features, including the distinctive circular headlamps and subtle tailfins. This 1956 Ford Thunderbird Open Convertible is a sleek option for lovers and collectors of luxury cars.

MOTORMAX FORD CROWN POLICE INTERCEPTOR CONCEPT 1/43From 1992 to 2011, the Ford Crown Police Interceptor was the most frequently seen law enforcement vehicle on the road in both the US and Canada. The later versions had up to 250 hp, along with other handy features like electronic Drive-by-Wire, front doors lined with kevlar, keyless entry, and more. Over the years, the look and performance of this vehicle changed quite a bit with a lot of new and optional features. The Police Interceptor also comes with a powerful oil cooler to allow the car to operate at high rpms for longer without overheating.

MotorMax offers a Ford Crown Police Interceptor Concept on a 1/43 scale for those looking for a good law enforcement vehicle for their collection. This model comes complete with standard black and white coloring as well as multiple police decals and a police light for authenticity.

MOTORMAX PAGANI ZONDA F 1/18 BLACKThe Pagani Zonda F is named for the combined vision of Horacio Pagani and Juan Manuel Fangio. These two men inspired an innovative and beautiful vehicle with a 12-cylinder Mercedes AMG 12 engine, up to 650 hp, and 560 lb ft of torque. With a body comprised of titanium, aluminum, and inconel, the Zonda F is quite lightweight to help complete the racecar inspired design. With only 25 units in existence, this sleek vehicle is a rare find. Extra headlights, aerodynamic vents, and optimized intake manifolds are just a few of the exclusive features of this fabulous car.

With such a unique body design, the Pagani Zonda F is a must have for model collectors. MotorMax has recreated this vehicle in black on a 1/18 scale, perfect for fitting into a collection of most any size. Enjoy all the stunning design features of this gorgeous racecar on a regular basis as part of your own display.

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