1/43 Movie and TV Cars

Despite having a history of producing their own unique models, Hot Wheels is more recently known for its highly collectible replicas of famous movie/television cars at 1/43 scale. These cars are far more detailed than you would expect from a model of relatively small size, and sure to satisfy even the most discerning collector.

Whether you’re a fan of Herbie, Knight Rider, Ghostbusters or countless other famous movies and TV shows, Hot Wheels has something for you. Here are just some of the fantastic 1/43 scale Hot Wheels diecast movie cars we offer for sale.

Pick up this faithful replica of Herbie, the 1962 Deluxe Racing Volkswagen Beetle. Appearing in six films between 1968 and 2005 along with a TV series in the 1980s, Herbie is a staple of the movie car world and has charmed audiences for decades.

After being discarded by a rich socialite for reliability problems, Herbie was purchased and driven to victory by race driver Jim Douglas in the debut film The Love Bug. Since then Herbie has appeared numerous times as a cameo in other shows and in big budget feature films.

This brilliant 1/43 Hot Wheels diecast model Herbie is shown in classic red, white and blue, bearing the well-known “53” number plate. It is an instantly recognizable and deserves a place in any fan’s collection.

Herbie Diecast Model Car

From the rich Knight Rider universe comes the formidable KARR. Created by the same designer as the better tempered KITT, KARR is an early prototype that is selfish and cares far more about self-preservation than the wellbeing of its driver. Any collection of Knight Rider memorabilia would be incomplete without the show’s main nemesis, so add this quality 1/43 scale diecast model Knight Rider KARR to your display.

Brand new and sealed in the factory packaging, this model will retain its vlue over the years since Knight Rider has proven to be a firm fan favorite. This diecast model comes with a plastic display stand, perfect for showcasing amongst your existing collection in your own private movie car memorabilia museum.


Travel back to 1989 with this Hot Wheels Cult Classics Ecto-1A from the classic film Ghostbusters II. Recapture the adventures of Egon, Ray, Peter and Winston as they face new challenges after the defeat of Gozer in the first Ghostbusters, this time a battle against slime in the streets of New York, helped out by an living Statue of Liberty!

This Hot Wheels Elite Edition model boasts a level of detail simply unimaginable elsewhere, with all roof-rack ghostbusting equipment fully detailed and replicated precisely based on documents supplied to Hot Wheels by Columbia Pictures, even the scrolling LED advertisements as seen in the film. If you’re a fan of movie cars, then this Ecto-1A ambulance model is simply the best of the best.

Ghostbusters Diecast Model Car

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