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  • Best of 1/24 Scale Maisto Diecast

    As part of the May Cheong Group that was founded in 1967, Maisto is a popular name in the diecast model car industry. The company prides themselves on not only their exacting quality and high standards for their products, but also their work environment and business practices. Their technology is designed to make the models feel and look as realistic as possible. In addition to automobiles, Maisto also has lines of motorcycles, aircrafts, radio-controlled vehicles, and more. Continue reading

  • Best of 1/18 Scale Mercedes-Benz Diecast

    With a company motto of “the best or nothing,” it's no wonder Mercedes-Benz is such a highly-recognized name in the automotive world. Because of this, and the rather expensive prices, the Mercedes-Benz brand has become synonymous with status, prestige, and class. This solid and reliable brand has been in the public eye since 1926 under Daimler-Benz, but its true roots can be traced clear back to the 1901 Daimler Mercedes and the 1886 Benz. Continue reading

  • All About Kinsmart Diecast

    Kinsmart, the popular diecast toy car manufacturer, is part of a larger company that has been making popular models since 1992. For over 25 years, Kintoy has been producing quality diecast cars under both the names Kinsmart and Kinsfun. Kinsmart is made up of a wide variety of impressive sports cars and models for collectors of just about any vehicle brand, while Kinsfun, like its name says, has fun and unique offerings such as rescue vehicles, taco trucks, and more. While the company is based in Hong Kong, the Kintoy factory is actually located in Shenzhen, China, where they work hard to always meet their exactly quality requirements. Continue reading

  • All About Yat Ming Diecast

    Like many of the bigger names in the world of diecast model car manufacturers, Yat-Ming is based in Hong Kong and has a long history of making quality products. Even their name means excellence, with Yat meaning “best” or “number one” in Chinese. The full name, Yat-Ming, is derived from a combination of this and the middle name of the founder, Mr. Wai Ming Lam. Continue reading

  • All About Greenlight Diecast

    A more recent name in the diecast model industry, Greenlight Collectibles has proven themselves as a high-quality contender in the manufacturing business. Founded in 2002 by Kevin Davey, the company started off with an Indy Racing League collection and quickly added muscle cars. After quick success, GreenLight now offers a wide selection of vehicles including muscle cars, sports and racing cars, police cars, and themed lines like the Muscle Car Garage. Continue reading

  • All About Maisto Diecast


    Currently located in Fontana, California, the popular Maisto diecast brand got its start as part of the May Cheong Group in Hong Kong. While diecast cars make up a large part of what the company produces, they also make model aircraft, railroad pieces, and even remote-controlled vehicles. Through the combined efforts of their multiple factories, Maisto and the May Cheong Group manufacture many different sizes of vehicles for collectors of all kinds. Continue reading

  • All About MotorMax Diecast


    MotorMax is one of the most recognizable names in the model car industry, though it is actually part of a larger group of six companies. Founded in 1997, they have been producing quality diecast car replicas for nearly 20 years. In addition to an offering of 500 different diecast model cars, MotorMax also produces plastic replicas, model kits, and toy playsets. To ensure that all their products are the best possible quality, each step of the vertically-integrated production process at their four production plants is carefully monitored. Continue reading

  • All About Diecast Masters Diecast

    Already well-established in the world of diecast model replicas, Diecast Masters is now shining particularly bright with their newest line of Cat models. Taking over for both Norscot and Tonkin replicas on the Cat scale model front, these replica professionals have inherited quite the legacy. Truthfully, however, the company's history goes back to its foundation in 1978 by Mr. Yu-Lee Fung. After being commissioned to create diecast scale models for John McNickle, the two men quickly hit things off and an empire was born. Continue reading

  • All About Kyosho Diecast

    Based in Tokyo, Japan, Kyosho has been making quality diecast models for over 50 years. Their wide range of product offerings includes radio-controlled cars, planes, boats, and other vehicles in addition to diecast model cars. In fact, it wasn't until 1992 that they began producing diecast model cars, nearly 30 years after the company was founded.

    Continue reading
  • Best of 1/24 Scale Lamborghini Diecast

    Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in Italy in 1916 and was the founder of the luxury, high-performance car manufacturer named after the himself. Originally hailing from tractor manufacturing and many other business ventures, he decided to introduce his line of sports cars to rival Ferrari after he had mechanical issues with a Ferrari he had purchased. Lamborghini debuted his first car in 1963 in Italy which featured the company’s logo that included a bull, the founder’s zodiac sign, Taurus. The first car introduced by the manufacturer was the Lamborghini 350 GTV. Continue reading

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