1:18 Scale

1:18 Scale

Diecast cars are valuable collectables regardless of size, but collectors with a certain scale in mind can start here. 1/18 scale model cars are the largest models available from most manufacturers, making them the most eye-catching and, in most cases, the diecast cars with the highest amounts of detail.

Collectable Diecast offers 1/18 model cars from a long line of manufacturers, including AUTOart, Maisto, Greenlight Diecast and more. The avid collector and the beginner alike can enjoy the 1/18 scale models, as most come equipped with opening doors, turning wheels, detailed engine parts under the hood, and sized-to-scale headlights and taillights.

Browse all the greatest 1/18 diecast cars that Collectable Diecast has to offer right here. Or, if you’re unsure about size, read more about it on our blog post, What Scale is Right for Me?


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