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Yat-Ming 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 1/18 Purple

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Detailed Specs

  • Scale 1/18
  • Car Brand Oldsmobile
  • Year 1957
  • Diecast Manufacturer Yat-Ming
  • Type Truck
  • Color Purple
  • Doors Open Yes
  • Wheels Steer Yes
  • Hood Opens Yes


This 1/18 purple Oldsmobile Super 88 is produced by Yat-Ming, a prestigious Chinese manufacturer of diecast model cars and accessories. It even has real leather seats for excellent realism. It produces muscle cars, European sedans and North American trucks and specializes in realistic, high-quality cars for serious adult collectors. If you're looking for a faithful replica of a rare or niche car, this is the firm to go to.

- Doors Open
- Hood Opens
- Wheels Steer
- Wheels Roll
- Made of Diecast

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