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Welly Set of 12 - 1968 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 / 1971 Chevelle SS 454 1/60

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Detailed Specs

  • Scale 1/60
  • Car Brand Chevrolet
  • Year 1968
  • Diecast Manufacturer Welly
  • Type Muscle Car


The Chevelle was made by Chevrolet to compete against Ford's Fairlane model. The Chevelle SS is a Super Sport variant which was once a limited edition of the Chevelle that went to a mass-market Chevrolet muscle car. Chevrolet cut back the price of the SS which propelled this Chevelle's production to over 70,000 units. By 1967, enthusiasts were provided with optional upgrades such as front disc brakes and the famous Rally wheels.

This is the Welly Chevrolet Chevelle 12-pack at 1/60 scale. Its key features include:

- Set of 12 Cars
- Pull back action

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