Welly 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Blank w/Case 1/43 (Black & 2 White Doors)

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Detailed Specs

  • Diecast Manufacturer Welly
  • Scale 1/43
  • Year 1999
  • Car Brand Ford
  • Color Black, White


This is the heavy-duty version of the civilian Ford Crown Victoria. The police force variant has 251 hp Modular V8 engine as well as improved suspension, revised transmission and rear wheel drive to avoid wheel spin. The car is in demand as a taxi, owing to its interior design such as a rear three-seating bench seat and for its safety. Unfortunately for enthusiasts of police cars, these cars are usually stripped of all police-related features before being sold. This 1/43 black and white Welly diecast model police car is the next best thing for those who take an interest in police cars of the world. The key features include:

- Doors Open
- Wheels Roll
- Made of Diecast
- Blank Police Car Ready for your department Logos
- Comes in display case
- Includes Light Bars and Push Bar

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