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SunStar 1984 Ford Escort RS Turbo 1/18 Black

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Detailed Specs

  • Scale 1/18
  • Car Brand Ford
  • Year 1984
  • Diecast Manufacturer SunStar
  • Color Black
  • Doors Open Yes
  • Wheels Steer Yes
  • Hood Opens Yes
  • Trunk opens Yes


The RS Cosworth version of the Escort turns this classic car into a performance machine suitable for rallying, or at least tearing round the neighbourhood ,even in its estate form! Popular with 20-somethings in the 90s in the UK, the Cosworth cars have become a cult icon on the streets of many cities, towns and villages. This is the black 1/18 1984 Ford Escort Cosworth RS, made by SunStar.

SunStar is a leading manufacturer of high quality diecast model cars. The creators are true enthusiasts which means they are capable of designing the most faithful models with accurate color codes and periodically correct engines, interiors and accessories. If you're looking for an extremely detailed model, SunStar is the brand to go for.

- Doors Open
- Hood Opens
- Trunk Opens
- Wheels Steer
- Wheels Roll
- Made of High Quality Diecast
- Detailed Diecast Model

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