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Signature Models 1938 Mercedes-Benz 770K w/Figures 1/18 Burgundy

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Detailed Specs

  • Scale 1/18
  • Car Brand Mercedes-Benz
  • Year 1938
  • Diecast Manufacturer Signature Models
  • Type Diorama
  • Color Burgundy
  • Doors Open Yes
  • Wheels Steer Yes
  • Hood Opens Yes


The highly priced 770K was so exclusive it was usually used by high-ranking government officals or leaders of such institutions. The pope used it, von Hindenburg used it, and, most famously perhaps, Hitler.

This is the burgundy Signature Models diecast Mercedes-Benz 770K with figures, presented in high detail. Get this historical diecast car and start off a great new collection.

- Doors Open
- Hood Opens
- Includes Figures
- Wheels Steer
- Wheels Roll
- Made of High Quality Diecast

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