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RMZ City Set of 4 - BMW M5 1/64

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Detailed Specs

  • Diecast Manufacturer RMZ City
  • Scale 1/64
  • Car Brand BMW


BMW introduced a higher performing version of the 5-series which is known as the BMW M5. The M5's production started in 1985. The first M5 models came with 535i chassis. They were also fitted with BMW M1 engines which were modified. Upon its introduction, it is considered as the fastest sedan in the market.

You can have four BMW M5 collectables with the RMZ City Set of 4 - BMW M5 1/64. Four replicas with their unique body finishes are featured in this set. The split-type grille, BMW emblem and the flashy headlamp of the BMW M5 are all included in all the models. The classy interior styling of the M5 is duplicated in each model.

Key features include:

Set of 4 Cars

Made of Diecast

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