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RMZ City Bentley Continental GT V8 1/38 Black

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Detailed Specs

  • Scale 1/38
  • Car Brand Bentley
  • Diecast Manufacturer RMZ City
  • Color Black


The Continental GT is made by Bentley. It went to production in 2003. This Bentley model is admired for its contemporary yet classy exterior style. The coupe model's tastefully designed interior is also a notable feature. When you want a Continental GT diecast model, this RMZ City Bentley Continental GT V8 1/38 Black should be your choice.

This Bentley replica has a black diecast body. Its exterior details such as the Audi emblem, grille, bumpers and headlamps are authentically designed to resemble the actual design of a real Continental GT. Accurate detailing is also highlighted in the interior.

Key features include:

Made of Diecast

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