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M2 Machines 1970 Ford Torino GT 351 1/64 Medium Blue Metallic

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Detailed Specs

  • Scale 1/64
  • Car Brand Ford
  • Year 1970
  • Diecast Manufacturer M2 Machines
  • Type Muscle Car
  • Color Blue, Metallic
  • Doors Open Yes
  • Hood Opens Yes


The Ford Torino Cobra is a performance car which evolved over the same period as the Mustang. It could be fitted with a 426 Boss engine and quick ratio shifters for the speed-enthusiast. The Cobra had cobra decals on the front fenders and next to the right taillight. It was also identified by a round 'GT' badge on the grille.

This is the M2 Machines 1/64 diecast model Ford Torino in medium blue metallic. Its key features include:

- High Quality
- Doors Open
- Hood Opens
- Real Rubber Tires
- Detailed Engine

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