Liberty Classics Dodge Hemi 426 Race Only Engine L/E 1/6

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Detailed Specs

  • Scale 1/6
  • Car Brand Dodge
  • Diecast Manufacturer Liberty Classics
  • Type Racing


Liberty Classics mainly produce high quality 1/6 scale diecast engines from famous American cars. The models have moving parts and replicate the engine exactly as it is seen under the hood of the real car. This Dodge 426 Hemi racing engine boasts the following features:

- Starter Motor Gear drives the Flywheel Gear which turns the Fan, the Fan Pulleys, Belts, & Alternator.
- Air Cleaner is removable to reveal detailed carburetor.
- Air Cleaner is plated with REAL CHROME.
- Fuel system includes fuel lines, filters and pump.
- Realistic intake manifold/exhaust manifold breather pipes and other misc. plumbing.
- Full ignition wiring.
- Actual Moving Parts
- Measures approximately 6" x 6"
- Very Detailed
- Comes on a Display Stand

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