Kinsmart 5" Lamborghini Huracan Assortment

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Detailed Specs

  • Car Brand Lamborghini
  • Diecast Manufacturer Kinsmart


Lamborghini's Huracan model was revealed during the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It is classified as a sports car. It is made to replace the famous Gallardo series. Just like all Lamborghini models, the Huracan name is inspired by a breed of bulls. The Huracan features LED lights, TFC panel and a redesigned dashboard. Performance-wise, it has a V10 engine.

The Kinsmart 5" Lamborghini Huracan Assortment features high quality diecast models in different colors based on the Huracan. Each replica is exceptionally detailed to resemble the Lamborghini model.

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