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Hot Wheels Ferrari 308 GTS 1/18 Yellow

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Detailed Specs

  • Diecast Manufacturer Hot Wheels
  • Scale 1/18
  • Car Brand Ferrari
  • Color Yellow


As one of the most recognisable Ferraris to date, the 308 has made it difficult for Ferrari, forcing its modern cars to live up to its high standards. Its design is simultaneously beautiful and aggressive. Sharp lines resolve themselves into sweeps gracing the hood and snapping back as sharp straight edges rippled with air-vents and scoops. It was made throughout the 70s and 80s, and is as iconic as it is powerful. With a turbo V8, the 308 produced 240 brake horsepower and really sailed down the highway thanks to its featherlight curb weight.

This 308 GTS 1/18 Yellow Hot Wheels diecast model gives you a chance to own a piece of automotive history and put it on display in your private collection. - Doors, hood and trunk open
- Steerable wheels that roll
- High quality diecast metal
- Finely applied detail

As with all of our cars, this Hot Wheels diecast model Ferrari comes brand new, sealed in its original factory packaging in order to maintain its status as a mint condition collector's item.

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