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Aluminum Suspension Pen Blue Short - AUTOart Accessories

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Detailed Specs

  • Diecast Manufacturer AUTOart
  • Car Brand Accessories
  • Color Blue


- Measures Approximately- 4" Long
- High Quality

Needing a pen and can't find one is the usual story for many motorist globally. However, with our unique and practical aluminum suspension short pen on the keychain, motorists will always have a pen handy on them at all time. CNC-machined from aluminum billet, the ball-point pen is made to the design of a height adjustable racing shock absorber. The blue body color is scratch-proof anodized and the spring is compressible. Unscrewing the bottom cap will give you access to the pen and the cap can be screwed onto the top of the pen to make it longer and easier to write with.

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