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Acme Mondello Altered Fiat Dragster 1/18

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Detailed Specs

  • Scale 1/18
  • Car Brand Fiat
  • Diecast Manufacturer Acme


Joe Mondello and driver, Sush Matsubara, started racing Fiat Altereds back in 1965 in California. Joe Mondello's passion for all things mechanical led him to a 54 year career as an engine builder, head porter and later, a teacher. His talents led him to work with some of the most notable race teams and fellow engine builders during the 60s and through the turn of the century. His talents brought him together with "Sush" Matsubara and in time the two would create the infamous purple Mondello-Matsubara Fiat Topolino blown fuel altered.

This was the predescesor to that great dragster. The two combined their talents and combined set the tracks a blaze with this little fiat. initial power came from an injected 327ci Chevy, but later, they moved to a new, Roy Fejested-built car equipped with a blown 472ci Chevy. The new car was built like funny cars of the day; allegedly, this car was the first Fuel Altered to run in the 8s, and then the 7s! Get your piece of dragstrip history with this fantastic replica of the 1st car that built their reputation!

Features Include: - Poseable steering - Real rubber tires Detailed interior - Extensive engine detailing Real cloth parachute bag and rope - real cloth seatbelts

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