About Us

Collectable Diecast was started back in 1998 as zeekda3rd by Eli Strickland to make a few extra dollars to help support his ever-growing family. The majority of the business was on eBay.

But Eli always knew he would not be on eBay forever as the fees were killing him. His idea was to build a website where he could sell diecast model cars directly to the customer with no fees. Eli recruited his brother Adam and together they created CollectableDiecast.com in January 2000.

In April 2014, Vertana acquired CollectableDiecast.com from the Strickland brothers. Even though Eli and Adam are no longer part of Collectable Diecast, the website remains committed to providing supreme customer service, selling over 5,000 products from 55 brands, including Minichamps, Jada Toys Diecast, Kyosho, Kinsmart, and Norev with flat rate shipping on all orders, most of which are shipped in less than 24 hours.

CollectableDiecast.com will continue to grow under Vertana’s leadership, providing even better products from all the top brands, engaging content, and even a few surprises in the near future.

About Vertana

Vertana is a NYC-based e-commerce company that acquires, develops and consolidates the operations of online retailers with high potential for growth. Vertana Group repositions acquired niche e-commerce companies for expansion, while preserving the unique brand identities and deepening the customer interactions of the acquired businesses. Vertana Group is backed by 354 Partners LLC, an investment firm located in New York City. For more information, please visit http://www.vertanagroup.com.

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