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2006 Bentley Azure Convertible 1/18 White - Minichamps Diecast

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Detailed Specs

  • Scale 1/18
  • Car Brand Bentley
  • Year 2006
  • Diecast Manufacturer Minichamps
  • Type Convertible
  • Color White
  • Doors Open Yes
  • Wheels Steer Yes
  • Hood Opens Yes
  • Trunk opens Yes


This is the fourth least fuel efficient car in the UK, so you'd hope that it was really expensive to match that reckless energy burning. Thankfully, no one who wanted a fuel efficient car would buy a Bentley Azure! This 6.75 L emissions nightmare will give you 9 miles to your gallon if you're lucky but it will also knock you back in your seat when its 500 horsepower engine rockets into motion, reaching 60mph in under five seconds. This white 1:18 Azure convertible diecast model is made by Minichamps.

- Doors Open
- Hood Opens
- Trunk Opens
- Wheels Steer
- Wheels Roll
- Made of High Quality Diecast
- Great Detail
- High Quality Diecast Model

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