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1955 Buick Century 1/26 CHP Black & White - Maisto Diecast Models

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Detailed Specs

  • Scale 1/26
  • Car Brand Buick
  • Year 1955
  • Diecast Manufacturer Maisto
  • Color Black, White


The Buick Century was the first Buick which could exceed 100 MPH. It was named the Century when one of the Buick executives took a trip to England and heard that doing 100MPH was called -doing the century-. By 1955, the Buick Century had had a full makeover including a powerful V8 engine. The Century was always Buick-s performance car but this cemented the fact further. This Maisto diecast model Century is a replica of the one used by Broderick Crawford on Highway Patrol, set aside from the rest by the four portholes on the side and the perfectly detailed seven-pointed star on the door. Other key features of this black and white car include:

- Doors, hood and trunk open
- Steerable wheels that roll
- High quality diecast

As with all of our products, this diecast model Buick Century comes 100% mint and untouched. It is factory sealed in the original packaging.

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